Plastic Freezer Spacers

Plastic Freezer Spacers

Plastic Freezer Spacers Provide You With Value and Durability


Freezing perishable items like food can be a delicate process, and without the right equipment, you could be looking at staggering losses if your product is damaged by harsh freezing temperatures.


That’s why we carry specially designed plastic freezer spacers that withstand the cold temperatures necessary to store food safely. They also safely hold the weight of frozen goods stacked on them.


Our plastic freezer spacers have raised portions with hollow spaces that allow cold air to flow between your containers, allowing your food to freeze quickly and evenly — no matter how many containers you have stacked. We carry both egg crate and Maxi freezer spacer designs, which are perfect for use with plastic pallets.

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Plastic Freezer Spacers Deliver Consistent Performance Results

When you choose plastic freezer spacers from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, you’re getting great value combined with intelligent, durable design for your freezing storage needs.

Safe food freezing and storage requires fast and complete freezing of all products at the same time. If your freezer shelves or spacers don’t allow adequate airflow and circulation, your outside and top goods will freeze faster than those that are towards the bottom and middle. This inconsistency can have a negative effect on the quality and safety of your frozen food, potentially creating waste and health liabilities.

Government regulations dictate the conditions for freezing and handling of food and food-related products. To guarantee fast and consistent freezing, our plastic freezer spacers are specially designed for superior:

  • Airflow: Solid pallets and shelving do not let air circulate. When you stack food, this lack of air movement prevents evenly chilled or frozen goods. Thanks to the intelligent design of our plastic freezer spacers, air can circulate freely within and between the spacers, giving you the best possible cooling profile throughout your freezer.
  • Cleanliness: Plastic is easy to clean and resists bacterial growth. You can clean our plastic freezer spacers between uses and leave them stacked until you need them again. The smooth surfaces allow for fast and easy power washing and wiping. Plastic also resists mold and rot, unlike wood, which makes our plastic freezer spacers much more resistant and easier to clean than wooden pallets.
  • Strength: The plastics used in our plastic freezer spacers are chosen for their resistance to impact and wear, even when chilled. Some plastics can become brittle at low temperatures, but our plastics are already adapted to freezing temperatures. Their light weight makes them easy to handle, while their solid construction means they can withstand loads of up to 1,800 lbs. for certain models.

Plastic freezer spacers are an excellent choice for your food freezing applications. They are affordable, durable and efficient, providing uniform and fast cooling when you need to ensure the quality and integrity of your goods.

Cherry’s Industrial Provides Multiple Product Choices to Meet Your Needs

When you turn to Cherry’s Industrial for your plastic freezer spacer requirements, you get a variety of designs adapted to different types of product, box and container shapes. Our spacer designs include:

  • Egg crate: Specifically designed for use in cold storage and meat processing facilities, our egg crate freezer spacers evenly distribute your the airflow to your packaged food product while guaranteeing consistent airflow and fast cooling. Their lightweight construction reduces the strain on your workforce. They are also nestable, which saves space, and they can accommodate extreme temperatures and the abuse that comes with frequent handling.
  • MAXI-design: The innovative plastic spacer design allows up to three times more airflow than standard-design spacers, which can reduce freezing times by as much as 25%. Our MAXI freezer spacers for pallets can also handle extreme temperatures in your freezing or tempering applications. As with our egg crate freezer spacers, the MAXI-design spacers are nestable for easy stacking.
  • Open-profile: Open-profile pallet spaces are ideally suited to blast freezing due to the large openings and cavities. Placing them between layers of stacked boxes will deliver maximum freezing efficiency. The lightweight, open design also allows for fast and easy cleaning.
  • Structural foam: Structural foam pallet spacers consist of thermoplastic injection molding components for increased rigidity. This allows for easy stacking of various goods, wet or dry. The innovative lattice design supports unstable layers and prevents impressions in fresh goods while also increasing airflow.

What Are the Benefits of Using Freezer Spacers for Pallets?

Pallet spacers offer a host of advantages over other options. They will deliver a faster and more efficient freezing of the entire pallet load, which saves time and ensures product freshness. Their low weight makes them easier to handle, while the nestable design allows for stacking that will save space. The 100% recyclable plastic material makes pallet spacers a more environmentally friendly alternative, which is critical in today's highly regulated work settings. And their increased efficiency will produce significant energy savings, which will have a positive impact on your company's bottom line.

Typical Applications for Pallet Spacers

Egg crate freezer spacers and other pallet spacing options play a crucial role in a variety of food processing and handling applications. Placing a freezer spacer between each layer of goods on a pallet will speed up the freezing time in blast freezing operations. They also work well for low-temperature cooling and tempering tasks.

Businesses that can benefit from pallet spacers include meat processing plants, cold storage facilities such as frozen food warehouses and distribution centers, grocery wholesalers and food service operations.

Stay Compliant by Using Our Freezer Spacers for Pallets

The USDA has developed stringent regulations regarding freezing and food safety during processing, handling and transport. Failure to comply with these guidelines can have serious implications for your company. Using our pallet spacers can result in safer frozen food handling practices, which can keep you in compliance and prevent potentially costly violations. You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that you're doing everything possible to keep contaminated food from reaching your consumers.

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