Bins & Boxes

Industrial Storage Containers

Organize, store, and transport products of various kinds with our assorted bin containers.

Our selection of industrial storage containers and bins represents some of the finest in the industry. If you are looking to transport product, economize storage space in your facility, store and transport food, organize the work flow in your facility or whatever the objective, let Cherry's lead you to the right bulk storage container that's right for you.

Need a custom solution? Cherry's can design and engineer custom bulk bins to meet your application.

Cleanable & stackable agricultural containers

Cherry's selection of agricultural containers are used in farms as harvest containers and produce and meat markets as bulk containers. Our agricultural bulk containers are USDA/HACCP approved. Options available include vented or solid walls with runners on the short side or on the long side of the bin.

Whether stocking parts, larger products, material, food or agricultural products, Cherry's bulk storage containers are constructed to meet your storage and handling needs. Our plastic pallet containers, bulk boxes and bins help store or move large volumes or pallets of material with ease. Wide range of sizes, colors and custom options available to meet your exact container needs.

For that extra stability and strength, explore Cherry's selection of fixed wall storage containers. Heights of our fixed bulk containers range from 19"-48" tall and lengths and widths range from 44" X 44" to 47" X 32" to 65" X 48". Depending on your selection, our fixed storage containers can stock anything from food, parts, supplies, equipment or material. The fixed wall offers the perfect solution for extra heavy-duty product protection. These solid wall containers are still collapsible for your convenience.

Single and double wall plastic combo bin

Explore Cherry's FDA and/or USDA/HAACP approved containers for use in the meat and poultry industry. Dimensions of our single and double wall plastic meat combo bins can range from 35" X 16" X 11" to 48" X 44" X 56" or more. These meat and poultry specific bulk containers are easy to clean and keep sanitized, easy to transport, and very durable.

Small component storage bins

Cherry's assortment of parts bins are a great tool for providing a systematic order or organization to the workflow in both your parts department and assembly line. Various sizes, colors, and capacities are available. Front label slots help provide designation along with categorization for your parts materials and products.

Organize your inventory and enhance the work flow in your facility with our 12", 18", or 24" nestable shelf bins. Divider boxes, parts bins and stack-n-nest totes can also be manufactured in our innovative ESD safe and FDA approved materials. These durable plastic containers provide a professional appeal to the workplace and yield a great ROI. Leading companies maximize their profitability by improving product quality, handling materials quicker and more efficiently, and reducing shipping and receiving problems. Our bins are large and tough enough for heavy power tools and yet optimal enough to keep small items safely contained and organized.

Nesting Containers

Cherry's high quality nesting containers provide nestability and stackability for maximizing both storage space and picking and transport efficiency.

Does your project require bins that are not currently available on the market today? Maybe your bins need casters or a different color or maybe an extended length. Whatever your project needs please call one of product specialists and they will assist you in finding the right custom solution for your application.