Wire Mesh Containers

Wire Mesh Containers

Strengthen Storage Capabilities With Collapsible Welded Wire Mesh Containers


Getting the most out of your storage and supply capacity is a constant challenge for businesses with applications in warehousing and distribution.


If your company is searching for ways to be more productive, consider organizing your storeroom and storing parts within welded wire baskets and collapsible wire mesh containers. It’s the fastest and most cost-effective way to instantly impact your ability to manage inventory, eliminate product waste and help your team work safer and more efficiently.


Cherry’s Industrial Equipment offers a broad variety of strong, functional and dependable welded wire mesh containers to meet your unique storing needs. We carry robotically welded wire containers with 2-gauge wire for superior longevity and stacking strength. Features include a 2” x 2” mesh pattern, ID plate, galvanized finish after weld, helical hinge wire, strong stacking legs and heavy-duty drop gate latches.


Shop our complete selection of standard-size collapsible mesh wire containers in stock, or contact us to customize a solution for your specific application. 

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The Benefits of Quality Collapsible Wire Mesh Warehouse Containers

Collapsible welded wire mesh containers are among the most popular storage products in the industry because of the many advantages they provide over traditional alternatives.

From product fulfillment and distribution to general warehousing and batch picking, these exceptionally strong, foldable storage bins can be effectively utilized in countless different industries. Units come available in junior, medium, large, extra large or custom sizes, feature capacities up to 4,000 lbs and can be assembled or disassembled in a matter of moments.

Additional benefits of our wire mesh containers include:

  • Better Visibility: The 2" x 2" mesh wire design is easy to see through, yet closed enough together to store smaller items. You can speed up picking times and keep a closer eye on inventory levels by visually identifying the content within your storage containers from the warehouse floor.
  • Easier Accessibility: The half drop-down gate opening on the side of each collapsible wire storage bin reduces the amount of time required to pick orders, restock or swap out contents. Not having to pick up or move piles of boxes and bins that are accessible only from the top saves time and effort — and protects employees from potential injuries.
  • Vertical Storage: These wire mesh containers are designed to stack up to four units on top of one another in order to use more available vertical space. With each container capable of holding as much as 4,000 lbs, you have the capacity to store up to 16,000 lbs in as small as a 32" x 40" footprint.
  • Collapsible Design: Because these mesh storage containers are collapsible, there’s greater flexibility, scalability and efficiency for operations big or small. You’re able to eliminate storage space requirements when not in use and lower freight costs by transporting/returning more empty containers.

Choose Cherry’s Industrial for Your Wire Mesh Container Storage Needs

We’re a leading material handling distributor offering one of the best selections of storage container solutions for a wide variety of industries. We set ourselves apart from the competition by delivering collapsible containers capable of helping you optimize warehouse workflow and better utilize your storage facility.

In addition to standard-size and custom wire containers, Cherry’s Industrial Equipment also carries wire container casters and container lids to improve the safety and versatility of your operation.

From competitive prices and quick delivery to personalized customer service and support, we’re the trusted source for all your needs. Get in touch by giving us a call at 877-350-2729 or contact us by filling out our online form.

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