Freezer Spacers

Freezer Spacers

Freeze products faster and save energy with maximum airflow freezer spacers from Cherry's.

Durable freezer slats & dividers cool, freeze or temper loose or boxed product quickly. Plastic and aluminum freezer spacers dramatically increase airflow between boxes and layers saving energy cost. Available in a variety of sizes, capacities and designs specifically developed to maximize airflow in blast freezer or QUICK FREEZE SYSTEMS. Options include identification strips, colors and anti-slip material.

Aluminum freezer spacers give you the durability and strength of aluminum and the ability to keep your freezer goods evenly spaced. The hollow areas in the spacers do not affect the integrity of the material. They allow air to pass through them so your food items freeze consistently and all at the same speed. They can withstand the high temperatures of any food storage room and can take high temperatures, so you can sanitize them as needed.

Freezing & Tempering Spacers

Our plastic freezer spacers are designed to withstand the freezing cold temperatures necessary to store food safely and the weight of frozen goods stacked on them. They have raised portions with hollow spaces that allow cold air to flow between your containers so the food freezes quickly and evenly, no matter how many containers you have stacked. We carry both egg crate and Maxi freezer spacer designs. Perfect for use with plastic pallets.