Freezer Spacers

Freezer Spacers

Freezer Spacers Save Energy and Money by Chilling Products Faster


If you’re in the food preparation or services industry, you know that fast, reliable freezing is necessary to guarantee the integrity, quality and safety of your products.


When you stack products in the freezer, however, the products in the bottom and middle might not freeze as fast as those on the top and around the outside. This can result in quality and safety inconsistencies in your products. To adhere to the strict rules and regulations on the food services industry, you need to ensure your freezers are doing their job with maximum efficiency. That’s where Cherry’s Industrial Equipment freezer spacers come in. 

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Cherry's plastic freezer spacers are designed to withstand freezing temperatures and the weight of stacked frozen goods.
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Cherry's aluminum freezer spacers offer high durability and strength, designed to freeze your product consistently and evenly.

Designed for fast and consistent freezing, our freezer spacers come in a range of industrial products designed for efficient storage and handling. No matter the materials you’re freezing and storing, our freezer spacers allow for easy stacking and storage of your goods.

That’s because they are specifically designed to allow cold air to circulate freely and freeze all items at the same rate. The result is tighter control of your frozen products, which means less spoil and more profit. It also means that you can guarantee a more reliable ‘cold chain’ from production to delivery.

We have models suitable for slow freezing and blast-freezing applications, perfect for when you need to quickly lock in the freshness of your goods for health and safety reasons.

Select the Freezer Spacer Based on Your Unique Needs

Here at Cherry’s Industrial, we work hard to make sure our supply of freezer spacers can accommodate virtually any need. To help accommodate these needs, we offer freezer spacers made from two different materials:

  • Aluminum: Lightweight yet durable, aluminum is ideal for freezer applications. Thanks to its high conductivity, our aluminum freezer spacers conduct the cold along their base, speeding up the freezing process. The design of the aluminum frames and supports also allows cold air to circulate around your frozen and stacked items for the fastest cooling and freezing possible.
  • Plastic: Our plastic freezer spacers are designed to be both economical and durable. Our plastic freezer spacers allow maximum air circulation for fast and consistent freezing. Their light weight makes them easy to handle when stacking and removing frozen items, and the bacteria-resistant plastic is easy to clean between uses.

When you choose from these two materials, you’re getting sturdy, durable freezer spacers that have been designed for fast, efficient cooling. You can also select from a variety of surfaces and slat designs to accommodate the shape and size of your frozen products.

Cherry's Industrial Is Your Partner for Freezer Storage

When you choose Cherry’s Industrial for your freezer spacers, you’re getting top-quality spacers, as well as class-leading knowledge and service.

We can help you choose the freezer spacer that’s best adapted to your goods and freezer type. You can select from a variety of sizes and spacer designs to accommodate your unique range of products. Our designs include slat-style spacers, egg crate spacers, open profile spacers and other configurations that suit a wide range of food products and packaging.

If you’re ready to start improving the cooling and freezing of your food products, minimize waste and maximize profits, you’re ready to call Cherry’s Industrial. Give us a call at 877-350-2729 or fill out our online contact form to see how we can solve your frozen storage needs together.

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