Aluminum Freezer Spacers

Aluminum Freezer Spacers

Aluminum Freezer Spacers Ensure Strength and Durability for Your Frozen Storage


Aluminum freezer spacers give you the durability and strength of aluminum with the added ability to keep your freezer goods evenly spaced. The hollow areas in the spacers do not affect the integrity of the material — they allow air to pass through so your items freeze consistently and evenly.


They can also withstand the high temperatures of any food storage or cleaning system, so you can sanitize them as needed.

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Enjoy Reliability With Cherry’s Industrial Equipment’s Aluminum Freezer Spacers

Our aluminum freezer spacers are a great choice for freezing all of your goods for several reasons:

  • Design: Our aluminum freezer spacers are designed to allow maximum air circulation. This is the key to fast and consistent freezing. When you pile your goods and products tightly together, the outside and top freeze much more quickly than at the middle and bottom. When your products don’t freeze at the same speed, you have a variation in the quality and safety of your goods. This is especially concerning in the case of frozen foods, where fast, complete freezing is required to guarantee health and freshness.
  • Conductivity: Aluminum is a highly conductive material. That means it conducts the cold in your freezer through the spacers and into your food more quickly than other materials. If you need to guarantee quick and reliable freezing, our aluminum freezer spacers are the best choice.
  • Strength: Aluminum may be light but it is extremely strong. Our aluminum freezer spacers are made from an aluminum alloy that can withstand heavy loads of frozen products without warping or breaking. The cross-pattern of the base and slats adds even more rigidity to the spacers, and the welds guarantee years of durability and use. Reinforcements in the hollow channels allow air circulation freely while adding increased strength for heavy frozen loads.
  • Durability: Due to their resistance to temperature, humidity and bacteria, you can wash our aluminum freezer spacers frequently and store them with no worry of mold or bacteria growth. They’re resistant to temperature damage, making them valuable in a variety of locations. You can use a range of cleaning products and sanitizers to keep your aluminum spacers clean with no worry of damage or discoloration. Aluminum is also highly corrosion resistant.

Check out our range of aluminum freezer spacers and choose the model and size that suit your needs. You’ll get strong and efficient freezer spacers that allow fast cooling to protect the quality of your goods. Feel free to mix different models to meet different requirements for stacking and freezing.

Our Aluminum Freezer Spacers Offer Fast, Dependable Storage Solutions

If you know which aluminum freezer spacers you require, you can place your order right now. It just takes a few clicks to select your spacers and purchase through our secure checkout. We make it easy to choose the products you need, and you’ll receive them quickly so you can put them to use.

If you have questions, reach out to one of our trained product specialists. Use our online contact form or call 877-350-2729 to begin solving your frozen storage dilemmas today.

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