Wire Decking

Wire Decking

Take Your Storage to Max Space Efficiency With Wire Decking


When it comes to smart storage, smart businesses use wire decking. That’s because wire decking can help you store materials, components and products correctly and save money in several ways, including:


  •      •   Less loss and waste due to damage and parts falling off of unstable racks
  •      •   Better organization for FIFO — first in, first out — and picking planning
  •      •   More efficient use of existing space and added rack square footage


When you utilize wire decking to make better use of the valuable storage space in your racks, you’re maximizing the value of your inventory and putting all of your storage space to use. Wire decking allows you to increase your storage space and can help you reduce your storage costs and save money.

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Step Wire Decks are designed to snugly fit standard step beams with thicknesses ranging between 1 1/2” and 1 5/8”.
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Merge multiple shelve systems together and take charge of your warehouse with our universal decking.
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Inverted Channel Wire Decks are perfect for an environment that cannot have dust, food, or any other small debris collecting within the channels.
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Custom Wire Decks designed and engineered to your specifications.

Wire Decking From Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Adapts to Your Racking Needs

We manufacture a range of intelligent wire decking solutions for industrial storage, warehousing and racking. Whatever your storage needs are, our wire decking storage solutions can help you meet them.

Step Wire Decks Provide Strength and Safety

Our step wire decks are designed to work with standard industrial racking systems and provide you strength and safety for all your boxes and containers. The rugged steel construction creates a flat and resistant surface for even-weight distribution. The wire mesh design reduces the weight of your decking compared to solid panels and allows for more stacking in your racks.

When multiplied across multiple racks in your facility, this can quickly represent a big increase in the amount and weight of material you can store.

Pair Our Flared and Universal Wire Decking With Your Current Shelving Equipment

Designed for use with a variety of common shelving equipment, our universal wire decking is versatile and practical. We offer popular sizes for various depths of standard racking, including 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” 44” and 48”. Our flared and universal wire decking is built with thick wire and sturdy welds and can be used to combine different racking equipment, offering you real versatility and savings.  We have designed our universal decking to be easy to install, use and remove when you want to modify your shelving.

Inverted Channel Wire Decking Keeps Your Storage Decking Clean

Certain materials and situations call for clean storage that eliminates dirt and moisture accumulation. Our inverted channel wire decking has inverted U-channel supports that prevent dust, dirt, crumbs and other debris from collecting.

The mating wire mesh panels sit flat against the support channels while allowing for even weight distribution. This structure enables you to maximize your entire decking surface. Inverted channel wire decking is fast and easy to install, like all of our wire decking solutions.

Inside Waterfall Decking Provides Seamless Style

For the cleanest and most seamless appearance for your industrial racking, our inside waterfall style racking is ideal. This wire decking design includes strong and sturdy V-shaped support channels, as well as decking that fits within the interior dimensions of your racking, which prevents it from extending over the edge.

The result is a clean and smooth design that looks great for all of your high-visibility and showroom racking needs. Additionally, snag hazards are eliminated by keeping the wire decking inside the step beam.

Custom Wire Decks for All of Your Customer Storage Needs

Can’t find the wire decking solution you need? Not to worry — Cherry’s Industrial can create the custom sizes your business demands. We can work with any racking and step beam to create custom wire decking that maximizes your storage space and offers a strong, durable, safe way to store all items.

With our custom wire decks, you don’t have to replace all of your existing racking, which means savings. We apply our years of experience as a leading wire decking manufacturer to create custom decks for your application.

Combine Smart Design With Reliable American Manufacturing

Take a closer look at each type of wire decking we offer and choose the solution that matches your storage needs. We’re ready to help you find a solution. Feel free to reach out to us through our easy online contact form, or by dialing at 877-350-2729 for additional product and pricing information.

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