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Inverted Channel Wire Decking for Demanding Warehousing Applications


As anyone in the warehousing industry can tell you, storage means more than keeping all items in their place. Issues like safety, efficiency and quality are always looming, and it’s attention to these details that set the great businesses apart from all the others.

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We developed our inverted channel wire decking for conscientious businesses like yours. By repelling dirt, dust and debris, these innovative wire-decking solutions are ideal for:

  • Food Handling and Preparation: In industrial food handling and preparation facilities, cleanliness is key to maintaining the safety and quality of the products. Accumulated dirt and dust can cause mold and bacteria growth. Strict rules on warehousing and storage of food and food-related products often specify a lack of retention for crumbs and dirt. Our inverted channel wire decking is adapted to these requirements for clean and dirt-free racking.
  • Medical Products: As with food preparation, medical product preparation and storage needs to occur in extremely clean conditions. Choosing inverted channel wire decking from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment eliminates retention of dust and debris — which means much fewer resources are consumed by cleaning. There is less concern of pills and medical products staying trapped on your racking after a spill or accident when you include inverted channel wire decking that allows spills to fall through.
  • Chemicals and Liquids: If you’re storing various chemicals and liquids, you won’t want any spills or drips to accumulate on or in your racking. This is especially important if you handle hazardous chemicals. Many standard decking supports have upturned channels that can allow liquids and chemicals to pool, creating a potential safety concern. Instead, our inverted channel wire decking is specifically designed so that retention is avoided.

These are just a few of the industries and storage situations where inverted channel wire decking allows for a cleaner and safer storage and warehousing environment.

Powder Coating for Additional Resistance and Durability

The performance of our inverted channel wire decking means that you can store up to 3,500 lbs. This is thanks to the thick 6-gauge wire we use, as well as the four support channels included for each 42” x 46” section of decking. To provide even further resistance and durability, our inverted channel decking is powder coated. This means that it resists corrosion and gives you years of service. The powder coating also creates a smoother surface for ease of loading and unloading boxes, containers and pallets.

We know that when you’re replacing your existing wire decking or creating an all new racking storage system, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Choosing Cherry’s Industrial for your wire decking and racking needs means you’re getting quality American-made products manufactured to your high standards.

Trust Cherry’s Industrial for All of Your Important Wire Decking Storage Solutions

It’s important to us to provide you with smart solutions for all your warehousing and storage systems. Our inverted wire decking is the right choice when you need to confirm the elimination of dirt and contaminants from various storage systems.

Start searching for your decking, or go ahead and contact one of our product specialists with any questions you may have. You can give us a call at 877-350-2729 or complete our online contact form. Let us know how we can help you make your choice for your industrial racking and storage needs.

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