Flared & Universal Wire Decking

Merge Shelving Systems Together With Flared and Universal Wire Decking


If you’ve been in the warehousing business for any serious length of time, you know you have to be flexible.


Our universal wire decking allows you to make the most of your existing warehouse racking systems — and even merge different shelving systems together. You can choose the most versatile uprights, step beams and support bars when creating your shelving system from the ground up — meaning you can also plan for future additions or modifications.


Thanks to the sturdy construction and quality materials we put into our flared and universal wire decking, you’re investing in a racking storage system that will handle all of your loads and provide years of dependable service.


Flared or universal wire decks are made to fit and function with the various styles of pallet rack beams, which include step, structural and box. Available sizes include 24", 30", 36", 42", 44" and 48" deep pallet racking.

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Flared and Universal Wire Decking Designed for All Types of Loads and Containers

The advantages of choosing universal wire decking are clear. You can store a wide range of pallets, materials, equipment and containers. Cherry’s Industrial Equipment carries wire decking to cover all general warehousing and material handling needs and requirements, such as:

  • Impressive load ratings: The strength of our wire decking means you can load more per shelf. We make our flared and universal decking using thick wires and solid welds to guarantee strength and durability. Our universal design is suitable for use with a wide range of standard step and support beams, allowing you to select the load rating you require.
  • Maximizing surface area: Our universal wire decking goes right to the edges of your racking system to maximize your storage space. This helps you make the most of every square inch you have for efficient storage. These versatile and flexible universal wire-decking solutions help you avoid wasting space and adding additional storage elements.
  • Open mesh design for air and water movement: Allowing airflow around your containers, pallets and boxes is important to avoid moisture and humidity problems, which is why our flared and universal wire decking allows maximum air and water movement. Additionally, most industrial fire insurance policies call for open decking for adequate water dispersal if your sprinklers have to react to a fire.

Six Convenient Sizes of Flared and Universal Wire Decking to Match Your Requirements

The design of our wire decking is versatile enough that we provide six popular depths to accommodate a maximum of different racking systems and types. You can add our universal wire decking to your existing racks or include them in the creation of an all-new industrial racking and warehousing layout. At Cherry’s Industrial, we carry everything you need to maximize your storage and racking.

We’ll help you choose the flared & universal wire decking that best suits your industrial storage needs and takes advantage of all of the warehouse and rack space you have available.

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