Step Wire Decking

Capitalize on Storage With Step Wire Decking From Cherry’s Industrial Equipment


We know you’re busy — that’s why we’ve designed our step wire decking to be easy-to-install with a variety of standard industrial racking systems. Our inventory and products give you the flexibility to work with your existing racks and instantly improve your storage situation.


Our step wire decking enables you to easily upgrade your decking, maximize your storage space and add convenience and safety to your warehouse.

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Choose the Right Step Wire Decking to Fit Your Storage Profile

When choosing industrial wire decking, you need to consider several factors to make the most out of the space you have available in your warehouse and storage area. To make the wisest choice, consider the following:

  • Surface area: Storage and racking can be costly. Every empty square foot of your available storage space is valuable, as it represents floor space in your facility that isn’t being used for something else. Standard industrial accounting practices take into account your storage space, plus its related heating and maintenance, to calculate your storage and inventory cost. Choosing our step wire decking for your racking system allows you to take advantage of every square inch — storing more on each rack.
  • Load: You must ensure your racking can handle the increasingly heavy loads you put on it. Designed to work with standard step beams and supports, our step wire can safely handle up to 2,500 lbs. of product. Thick wires and solid welding give you years of durable use. We fabricate our step wire decks here in the USA to guarantee quality and consistency.
  • Versatility: Thanks to its flat, even design, our wire decking can accommodate all different types of pallets, boxes and containers. The mesh design allows air to pass to avoid humidity build-up and water to pass through in case of a fire, which respects fire codes for sprinkler coverage. Our sturdy step wire decking can be removed and repositioned as often as you like to allow for modifications to your racking system. The snug fit reduces snag hazards for employees moving around your racks.

Create a Customized Storage System With Quality Step Wire Decking

We carry all the components you need to create a brand-new racking system, including uprights, step beams and support bars. Thanks to our experience as a leading industrial supply manufacturer, we’re confident our step wire decking will provide you with the storage improvements and durability you’re looking for.

Browse our step wire decking options, or contact one of our trained product specialists with any questions you may have. Let us know how we can help you select the right Cherry’s Industrial Equipment step wire decking for your industrial storage needs. You can reach out to us by calling 877-350-2729 or completing our quick online contact form.

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