Aluminum Pallets

Aluminum Pallets

Aluminum Pallets Offer Increased Stability and Longevity for Your Operation


While pallets made of wood have been widely used in manufacturing and distribution facilities in the past, many companies are discovering the advantages of pallets constructed from alternative materials, including aluminum.


An aluminum pallet offers a lightweight material handling solution that can withstand the rigors of heavy use. Most companies that make the switch to aluminum pallets discover that aluminum pallets offer an excellent long-term return on their investment, which has a positive impact on their bottom line.

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Bestsellers’s Industrial Equipment Features a Wide Selection of Top-Quality Aluminum Pallets is the e-commerce extension of Cherry's Industrial Equipment. Cherry’s Industrial is your headquarters for pallets made from 6005/T5 tempered aluminum extrusion. We carry lightweight aluminum pallets that offer durability and stability. Our pallets provide a user-friendly solution for transporting equipment, tools, parts and containers. The fire-resistant property of aluminum adds an extra measure of safety to a factory environment. You’ll find aluminum pallets in numerous types, sizes and price points to meet every need and budget.

Aluminum Pallets Provide Extensive Features and Benefits

Our aluminum pallet products are designed to be:

  • Exceptionally strong: Despite their relatively light weight, our aluminum pallets are remarkably strong and durable — aluminum has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all the materials used in pallet manufacturing.
  • Easily maintained: Aluminum pallets are simple to maintain and repair, which ensures low long-term ownership costs.
  • Hygienic design: You can easily clean and sterilize your aluminum pallets via the application of high-temperature steam.
  • Fireproof: Aluminum is a flame-retardant material that will not burn — it can withstand temperatures of up to 300°F without sustaining structural damage.
  • Rot and warp proof: Wood pallets tend to rot and warp over time. Aluminum pallets will maintain their structural integrity for as long as you own them.
  • Long lasting: You can expect your aluminum pallets to last much longer than traditional wood pallets, which means you won’t need to bear the cost of frequent replacement.
  • Environmentally friendly: When it’s time to discard your aluminum pallets, they won’t end up in landfills — aluminum is a recyclable material that also delivers high scrap value. Wood pallets are not as sustainable in the long term because of their limited ability for ongoing use, and creating new wood pallets from raw materials could have an impact on wooded environments.

Lightweight vs. Heavy Aluminum Pallets

While many people view aluminum as a lighter metal, not all aluminum pallets are created equal. A "standard" aluminum pallet is good for general-purpose material handling applications involving loads weighing up to 3,000 lbs. Adding more weight could jeopardize the stability of the load, especially when transporting goods or equipment over rough or uneven surfaces. If you need something a bit stronger, you can also find medium-duty pallets with a dynamic load capacity of up to 4,000 lbs. This option introduces additional weight, which may require the use of more powerful transport machinery.

At the high end of the spectrum, you can select aluminum pallets that can accommodate loads weighing up to 5,000 lbs. These pallets typically feature stronger mitered corners and an eight-post construction that provides extra support.

Tailor a Solution for Your Material Handling Challenges With Custom Aluminum Pallets

Having trouble finding the exact aluminum pallet you need in our stock inventory? We provide fast, reliable customization services to create a tailored aluminum pallet design for your unique application. We can take your original drawing or design concept and transform it into a functional, well-constructed product manufactured to your specifications. We can make modifications in areas such as dimension, capacity, finish and many others.

Our experienced product specialists will work closely with your team from concept to completion. We also provide production services for your customized pallet.

Where Can You Use Aluminum Pallets?

Aluminum pallets are gaining widespread use in a wide range of shipping storage and warehousing environments. Because aluminum is a fireproof material, the pallets are a popular choice when handling any type of flammable or combustible products. Industries that can take advantage of this characteristic include chemical manufacturing and petroleum. Some consumer goods material handling operations can benefit from aluminum pallets because there are no concerns about broken edges or splinters causing damage to the goods.

Aluminum pallets are an excellent option for any industry where sanitation is essential — there is little risk of bacterial contamination, assuming the users wash them thoroughly and follow proper hygiene procedures. Thus, aluminum pallets can serve the needs of food service companies and agriculture operations. And any company that is looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint can benefit from aluminum. You can reuse the pallets many times, as opposed to disposing of them after just a few material handling cycles.

Cherry’s Industrial: Your Trusted Material Handling Solutions Provider

Cherry’s Industrial specializes in finding solutions for your most daunting material handling challenges. Whether you need a product that increases your productivity, reduces your operating costs or helps you comply with today’s stringent OSHA standards, we can assist you in determining the most reliable and affordable solution for your money. You can purchase from us with total confidence.

All Our Aluminum Pallets Are Made in the USA

If yours is like many companies these days, you are looking to use American-made products whenever possible. Whether you choose stock or custom pallets, you'll be happy to know that only works with U.S.-based aluminum pallet manufacturers that share our commitment to offering high-quality equipment at competitive prices. You will benefit from a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is difficult to find when buying items from overseas manufacturers. You will have the confidence of knowing you are getting aluminum pallets that are built to last.

Purchasing equipment produced by American aluminum pallet manufacturers also gives you an opportunity to support the U.S. economy. In an era of globalization where American manufacturers face stiff competition from companies based in foreign countries, you'll be doing your part to support our national business interests.

Contact Us for More Aluminum Pallet Information

Use our easy-to-navigate e-commerce site to quickly locate the right aluminum pallets for your company needs and budget. If you need help or aren't quite sure which pallets will work best for your applications, our knowledgeable product specialists are available to provide expert guidance. They can also assist you with your customization requirements.

If you’re ready to make the transition to aluminum pallets, give Cherry’s Industrial/ a call at 877-350-2729 or fill out and submit our online contact form today. We can also schedule a no-obligation aluminum pallet customization consultation and a free project quote.

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