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Our Industrial Pallet Racking Help You Truly Optimize Your Work Space


Adequate space is an issue for just about any business, but no other industry faces this challenge the way warehouses do — your business can truly live or die based upon how you utilize your space.


At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we understand your space needs. That’s why we specialize in providing products that help you maximize storage space in your warehouse and make the most use of your existing facility. We are committed to helping you discover they very best ways to store your inventory — and it starts with our pallet racking.


We offer a carefully chosen selection of frames, step beams and other custom racking solutions. Our experienced product specialists will guide you through the process of equipping your warehouse with the multilevel storage system suitable for your company's needs. 

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Make your storage space more accommodating with a step beam unit that allows your workers easy stock access and keeps shelves stable.
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Build a rack around a teardrop upright structure for shelves that fit your pallet sizes and goods perfectly.
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Pallet Support Bars are an economic alternative for buying pallet racking if your objective entails keeping pallets from falling out of place while being set on their shelves.

Make Your Storage Space More Accommodating With Step Beams

A step beam unit keeps shelves stable and allows your workers easy access to stock. Because step beams bear the majority of the weight when storing heavy pallets, it’s vitally important to choose a quality product you can trust. Cherry’s Industrial carries step beams in a range of different sizes that can accommodate loads up to 9,370 lbs. per pair. Designed for use with tear drop-style welded frames, our products offer reliable performance in demanding applications.

A bright orange powder-coated finish protects against corrosion while offering exceptional visibility that can reduce the risk of a forklift accident or other incident. All products are equipped with a pair of safety pins for additional protection against dislodging.

Tear Drop Frames and Uprights Help You Build the Perfect Shelving Rack

Our tear drop frames allow you to build a shelving rack that fits your pallet sizes and goods perfectly. We offer affordably priced frames in a variety of sizes between 96” x 36” and 216” x 42”. All are designed to work seamlessly with our step beams, pallet support bars and other racking equipment.

Pallet racking frames form the backbone of your storage system. A versatile solution that’s strong enough to meet your needs is essential. All of our products are made of cold rolled steel and welded together for additional stability. Spacing increments of 2” provide design flexibility that allows you to store pallets and products of any size. Our largest frames offer up to 33,800 lbs. of storage capacity at 48" spacing. An included footplate bolts directly to your warehouse’s floor for a secure installation you can trust.

Pallet Support Bars Provide an Economic Alternative to Conventional Racking

Pallet support bars keep pallets secured while in storage. Support bars distribute the weight of a heavy pallet more evenly, causing less stress and flexing across the entirely of your racking system. A set of support bars for your pallet racking can provide improved safety and improved peace of mind.

Our products are cost-effective and available in 36", 42", 44" and 48" lengths to support a variety of installations. They feature double flanged ends and Tek screw holes to securely attach to racking beams. Weight capacities range from 1,250 lbs. to 1,550 lbs. All products are made in the USA and feature a corrosion-resistant powder coating.

Cherry’s Industrial’s Pallet Racking Systems Ensure Ease of Use and Increased Productivity

A well-designed pallet racking system is the best way to maximize space in your storage facility. Let Cherry’s Industrial help you put together a customized solution that will deliver:

  • Accessibility: A pallet system can make your inventory more accessible and simplify order picking and stock management.
  • Growth: A pallet rack that makes effective use of space can facilitate growth by providing you with an expanded range of storage options.
  • Efficiency: Employees will be able to quickly access products stored on well-organized shelves, cutting down time of searching.
  • Safety: Secured racking improves safety and reduces the risk of an on-the-job accident that could disrupt your productivity.

Our pallet racking solutions can be utilized in practically every industry, for nearly any type of product. The modular flexibility of our products supports a multitude of layout options. Whether your inventory needs are better suited to a single deep or double deep selective racking system, count on our products for an economical, reliable solution that will grow with your business.

Contact Cherry’s Industrial for Your Customized Pallet Racking Solutions

Our pallet racking equipment is specially designed so you can modify it to meet the unique needs of your business. If space or storage concerns necessitate the creation of a custom product, we’ll work with you to put together a complete package consisting of everything you need.

For over 20 years, Cherry’s Industrial has been a leader and innovator when it comes to material handling solutions. We are highly selective in the products we offer and possess the in-house expertise to provide complete consulting and engineering solutions that save you money, keep your team safe and improve your productivity.

Order online today. If you have questions, you can call 877-350-2729 or use our contact form to get in touch with a representative for more information.

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