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Heavy Transport Dollies

Move Heavy Equipment With Heavy Transport Dollies


Transport dollies turn and move heavy equipment and presses easily in the warehouse or industrial setting. Our selection of industrial transport dollies is the best in the market.


Capacities range anywhere from 6,000 lbs. through 80,000 lbs. or more, depending on your rigging requirements. These simple and maneuverable dollies are a great means to move heavy equipment and machinery anywhere in your warehouse. Choose from individual, tandem, steerable heavy transport dollies or complete kits.

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Our single dolly can move heavy loads alone or you can use the dolly in combination with two or more to move complex loads.
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Our dollies can be stacked to provide extra support and maneuverability. Shop our assorted sizes of tandem dollies.
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We have combined the F rear dolly and the L front steerable dolly to provide you with the ultimate 3 Point rigging transport kit.
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Cherry's handle dolly with swivel and adjustable height jack moves bulky equipment with three-point turn support.

Know Your Loads and Choose the Right Equipment for the Job

The key to choosing the right transport dolly is knowing your loads. Attempting to move an extremely heavy load with the wrong equipment can cause major problems and even create a dangerous situation for your employees and equipment.

Avoid all headaches by paying close attention to the weight of the loads you’ll be lifting and transporting. For each of our dolly types, we clearly display the maximum load information.

It takes only a few clicks to compare various models and find the one that can handle the weight of the equipment or material you are lifting and repositioning. Always remember that load ratings are calculated for transporting across level surfaces. We can give you more information on how to calculate loads for inclined or uneven surfaces.

Transport Dollies for All Types of Facilities and Applications

It doesn’t matter what you’re moving — Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has the dollies. We carry four different types of dollies to cover all of your industrial equipment moving needs:

  • Individual: Our individual heavy transport dollies don’t include a steering portion. They come as either a fixed length or adjustable configuration. With the aid of a toe jack or other lifting jack, you can raise your equipment and place the individual transport dollies where you need them. Compact and easy to store, our individual dollies are used for a wide range of equipment and in different facilities.
  • Tandem: When combined, our tandem dollies give four points of contact with the equipment you’re moving, which increases maximum load and stability. This is a common solution for moving very large machines and self-contained offices, where adequate load support is required at every corner. The long handles on our tandem dollies allow for greater control when moving.
  • Steerable: Our steerable dolly models are ideally suited when you have a heavy load to maneuver through or into a confined space. Including a steerable dolly with two other points of contact, such as using our individual dollies, gives you the right combination of stability and steerability. You can adjust the height of our steerable dollies to match different equipment requirements.
  • Complete kits: For the best solution in equipment moving, one of our steerable kits is the way to go. You get three-point contact and a steerable lead dolly for easy transport of even the bulkiest machines and equipment. We’ve created several kits, each offering advantages for different types of transport applications. Compare the load ratings and dolly features to find the one that fits your needs.

As with all of the products we sell here at Cherry’s Industrial, our heavy transport dollies are designed and manufactured for function and durability. We use alloy steels that resist cracking and bending for many years of reliable service.

More Than a Material Handling Supplier, We’re Your Partner

Our entire team works hard every day to find industrial equipment and load transport solutions for your business. We are available to answer any questions you might have and will work with you to understand your unique requirements and expectations. That’s the advantage of choosing a leading supplier of heavy transport dollies. We go above and beyond to give you confidence in the equipment you’re buying.

If you want more information on the specifics of our transport dollies, contact us today at 877-350-2729 or through our contact form.

You can check out the individual product pages right here on our site for details and technical specifications, including load ratings, dimensions and features. We’ll help you choose the type of dolly that is best suited to the equipment you’re transporting and your needs in term of load, steerability and roller material. If you’re looking for the heavy load transport dolly that’s right for your application, check out all we have to offer.

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