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Transport Dolly Complete Kits

Transport Dolly Complete Kits Offer You Three-Point Rigging Solutions


At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we offer you a wide range of dollies because every customer has their unique equipment transport application.


One of our popular options is our selection of complete transport dolly kits. You get a full kit adapted for three-point rigging for your heavy equipment transport. We have tested these kits for ease of loading and maneuverability, so we’re confident that we’re offering you the best solution for your heavy load needs.

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All of our transport dolly kits feature the same quality features as all of our dollies:

  • Alloy steel: The key to a strong and durable dolly is in the material chosen for the frame and structure. Our dollies feature alloy steel that resists bending and cracking and gives years of service even when loaded to the maximum load capacity.
  • Smart design: They may look relatively simple, but lots of thought and testing goes into dolly design. Engineering the right material thickness bends and attachment points means our dollies easy to use and durable over time.
  • Reliable lift mechanisms: The lift mechanism in each of our dollies is both easy to use and reliable. Due to the extreme loads you lift, we include top-quality hydraulic components that eliminate leaks and pressure loss that could make your load unstable.
  • Handle control: The levers and handles on our transport dolly kits are designed for ease of use and allow you to control them from a distance, instead of having to crawl under your equipment when it’s loaded. This increases safety and makes our kits more practical.
  • Anti-slip surfaces: The addition of anti-slip pads increases the adherence of the dollies during movement. Once you start moving your heavy loads, they tend to slip off substandard dollies, especially over uneven or inclined surfaces. Our dollies provide more reliable grip in all uses.

Not every supplier of transport dollies can claim all of these features. We’re proud of the products we sell and know that when you purchase them today, you’ll still be using them for years to come.

Select a Complete Transport Dolly Kit From Cherry’s Industrial

Instead of offering one single tandem dolly complete kit and adapting your equipment and load, we think you should have the flexibility to do the opposite. That’s why we offer you a range of different dolly kits, each designed for a different application.

Choose the load height and lifting height that suits your equipment for fast and easy lifting. You can also choose the roller configuration and number according to the load you have to distribute and the surfaces you’re moving across.

We’ve provided all the information and specifications you need right here on our site through our tandem dolly complete kit catalog. You can easily compare the loads and features of each model. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s fast, easy and secure to order through our site.

You can fill out our contact form or give us a call at 877-350-2729 if you want to discuss our custom transport dolly options. We look forward to helping you with your heavy equipment transport needs!

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