Individual Transport Dollies

Individual Transport Dollies Provide Movement Flexibility


When you have a heavy load or piece of equipment to transport, you need the right equipment. Attempting to move with improvised dollies not designed for the job can damage your equipment and facility and put your workers at risk. Instead of taking a chance, opt for professional equipment designed specifically for moving heavy loads.


Cherry’s Industrial Equipment offers you a lineup of individual dollies that can take care of all sorts of heavy moving tasks. They’re engineered and manufactured to be sturdy and reliable and require little maintenance.

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Equip Yourself and Your Warehouse With Sturdy Transportation Dollies

It can be tempting if you have an occasional need to move equipment to ‘make do’ with whatever you have handy. The problem is that static weights are not the same as moving weights. Even if you have a simple dolly that can support the weight of your equipment where it stands, as soon as you start moving, things can get complicated.

If your dolly wheels and supports are not designed for dynamic forces, they can quickly fail. The result is damage to your floors, building, people or equipment. In extreme cases, your equipment can shift, fall and injure your team.

Preventing this unnecessary margin of error is why we offer purpose-built dollies rated for heavy loads and designed for smooth movement while loaded. Our dollies feature high-quality materials and construction you can count on. The steel alloys chosen for our individual dollies resist cracking and fatigue that could wear them out over time. We list the maximum load rating for each dolly right here on our site — you can easily choose the model that is adapted to the loads you’re moving.

Quality Features and Construction Support Your Equipment Movement Requirements

All of our individual dollies feature the same attention to detail when it comes to the design and features:

  • Strong frames: The frames and supports for each of our dollies are made from strong material and with a proven design that distributes loads evenly. Precision machining and cutting eliminates material thinning and bends that could create weaknesses.
  • Sturdy bearings: Once your load is in place on your dollies, you need sturdy bearings to allow smooth, reliable movement. Our bearings are designed and calculated to support the maximum load ratings and provide years of durability and functionality.
  • Anti-slip surfaces: All surfaces in contact with your equipment have an anti-slip finish designed for additional security. When you are moving heavy loads there is a risk of your equipment slipping off the dollies. With our individual dollies, you get excellent grip as you move.
  • Adjustability: For those models of individual dollies that feature an adjustable length, care has been taken to make the attachment points strong and resistant. Sometimes when you select adjustable models from other suppliers, you’re giving up on quality and durability. That isn’t the case with Cherry’s Industrial.

We invite you to click through our online catalog and find the individual dollies that suit your application. It’s fast, easy and secure to order through our site.

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