Tandem Transport Dollies

Tandem Transport Dollies Provide Load Distribution Support


When you have extremely heavy loads to position and transport, you need to consider your load distribution. Multiplying your number of contact points allows you to load more weight and allow for safer equipment movement. 

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For their heaviest load applications, our customers often opt for our tandem transport dollies. Their sturdy construction allows for loads starting at six tons to upwards of 12 tons. When you’re transporting those loads, you want to take care of:

  • Your equipment: No matter what equipment you’re loading and moving, you want to do it carefully to avoid damage. Using the wrong dolly or moving system can cause your equipment to shift and fall, which can cause costly damage. This is especially important if you’re moving sensitive, calibrated equipment that can’t withstand being bumped or jarred.
  • Your facility: Improperly loading heavy equipment can also result in damage to your building or facility. If you have trouble controlling it, you can bump into walls, obstacles and other equipment. Improper loading can also create floor damage if the dollies you’re using can’t support the weight properly or don’t distribute the load evenly across all contact points.
  • Your people: The workers you have lifting and transporting your equipment can get injured if the load is unstable or improperly handled. This is a great concern if you’re moving across uneven or sloped surfaces. Don’t take risks with the safety of your employees. Give them the correct tools for their equipment moving tasks and let them get the job done without hassle.

As a leading industrial equipment supplier, Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has spent years finding the tested and proven equipment that makes your material handling job easier. In the case of our tandem transport dollies, we are confident that you’re getting quality equipment that provides years of reliable service.

Why Choose Cherry’s Industrial for Your Transport Dolly Needs?

As a leader in industrial equipment and heavy transport equipment, we have the experience and knowledge to help you solve problems. If you know exactly which type and model of tandem transport dolly you need, you can place your order here on our site in just a few clicks.

If you’re not sure which model suits best, we invite you to contact our team. We make it easy to get the answers you need to your technical or application questions:

  • Online message system: You can send us a message using the handy contact box on the bottom right of your screen. We’ll get back to you quickly with the information you need.
  • Email: You can send us an email with details on the loads and equipment you’re looking to transport and we’ll send you information on the tandem transport dollies that meets your specifications.
  • Phone: If you prefer to talk to someone in person or are thinking of a custom order, give us a call at 877-350-2729. We’re glad to discuss your heavy load transport application and find the right equipment solution.

With our tandem transport dollies, you can handle even the heaviest loads in a flexible, practical and safe manner. Make your job easier by choosing the right dolly from Cherry’s Industrial.

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