Steerable Dollies

Steerable Dollies

Steerable Dollies Provide Direction and Positioning Flexibility


If your heavy load transport involves moving and positioning your equipment, you’ll want to consider including a steerable dolly in your solution. Steerable dollies allow easy and precise maneuvering so you can load, transport and unload with as little hassle as possible.


Trying to steer an unsteerable dolly is difficult and can lead to equipment and facility damage. At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we want our customers to have the right industrial equipment for their application. It’s why we offer some of the best steerable dollies on the market.

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Equipment Dollies Designed for Steering

If you already have transport dollies, you might be inclined to use them for your next equipment transport task. The problem is you may risk equipment damage, dolly damage, building and floor damage and worker injury if your current dolly equipment isn’t fit for the job.

When you’re moving loads and equipment weighing five, 10 or even 20 tons, there’s no room for error. Protect your investments and people by choosing steerable dollies designed for the weights and surfaces you have.

Our steerable dollies are crafted from the quality materials we’re known for. Resistant alloy steels combine with smart design and quality manufacturing to result in durable dollies that will work for years to come. Our steerable models include specific features for improved steering capabilities:

  • Sturdy swivel top: The key to a steerable dolly is the swivel top. This allows you to pull your load at an angle and change its direction. As the top of your lead (front) dolly swivels, it rotates your load in the direction you want. Our steerable dollies feature bearings designed for extreme loads of up to 20 tons for some models and can allow up to 90 degrees of steering angle for some models.
  • Long ergonomic handle: To aid in steering, our steerable dollies feature a long handle that’s both comfortable and functional, and allows you to steer even large, cumbersome loads and equipment. This gives you maximum control as you’re pulling and steering your load, which is especially critical when moving across uneven or sloped surfaces.
  • Suitable roller design: Our steerable dollies feature polyurethane wheels to protect your floors and avoid marks and gouges. They also provide smooth movement, important with sensitive equipment with calibration and adjustment concerns. Certain models can be ordered with optional steel wheels for outdoor use or increased durability and wear resistance.

Cherry’s Industrial Is Your Transport Partner

When you select a steerable dolly from Cherry’s Industrial, you’re equipping yourself the right way for all of your heavy equipment transport needs. Check out the detailed specifications and descriptions of our steerable dolly models and place your order today.

We want to be your partner for all of your heavy load and equipment transport needs, so review our complete range of steerable dollies and select the model that will make quick work of your next heavy transport task.

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