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Pallets have been a staple in warehousing, industrial and manufacturing operations for many decades. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as skids — unlike pallets, skids do not have the underlying deck boards that provide additional support — pallets are flat, platform structures that facilitate the movement of goods with a lift truck, pallet jack, AGV or on a conveyor. They allow for easy loading, unloading, stacking and storing. Pallets are a mainstay in many industries, especially food, pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical and printing.


Many industries are converting from traditional wood pallets to plastic pallets for several reasons. Plastic pallets offer improved cleaning and sanitizing for WIP areas. In comparison to wood pallets, plastic pallets offer the elimination of product contamination from splinters, wood chips, or nails and a resistance to odors and chemicals. Plastic pallets can also reduce cost by providing a longer service life, lighter repeatable tare weights and greater dimensional consistency.

Our industrial plastic pallets provide a cleaner and safer environment by providing improved hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing for WIP areas
Custom Plastic Pallets designed and engineered to your specifications.
Choose the right sized aluminum pallets while while maintaining a lightweight transportation and storage method.
Custom Aluminum Pallets designed and engineered to your specifications.
Whether wood, plastic, or wire mesh, explore our selection of export pallets and cargo container pallets to meet the logistical needs of your company.
Move product either domestically or internationally with Cherry's export-ready pressed wood pallets.
Wire mesh pallets work for loads that may be susceptible to bacteria growth, such as foods, are easy to clean, durable and carry comparable loads to other pallets.
AS/RS pallets are captive skids or slave boards that replace plywood sheets or rental pallets in high bay storage systems.
Chemical pallets stand up to heavy usage and withstand exposure to chemicals and environmental conditions.
Distribution pallets are a great solution to shipping products safely around the region and country due to their strength.
Our display pallets provide a smooth, stable, and attractive surface for display purposes in retail settings.
Transport 55 gallon drums securely with specially designed plastic drum pallets and spill containment pallets.
Euro pallets can help you ship your product to Canada, Europe, or any country that uses metric measurements.
Choose from a variety of fire resistant pallets to bring an extra measure of security to your work place environment.
Cherry's offers a full selection of food processing pallets with rackable and stackable options.
Our nestable pallets are designed to be great transport platforms for delivering goods and products.
For that industry whose application requires strength, safety, quality and hygiene Cherry's selection of pharmaceutical pallets delivers.
Printing companies will agree that Cherry's HDPE printing pallets bring a clean and strong advantage over standard wood pallets.
Cherry's nestable produce pallets make the storage and distribution of fruits and vegetables both efficient and economical.
Rackable pallets are great space savers since they are designed to be stored in racking systems of many types.
Solid Top pallets make it easy for shippers to load smaller boxes or parcels on the pallet without having to worry about the boxes falling through the cracks.
Our stackable pallets that are not in use can be stored one-on-top-of-the-other to economize space.



Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Offers a Broad Selection of High-Quality Industrial Plastic Pallets


At Cherry’s Industrial, we offer a range of industrial plastic pallets with enhancements in durability, sanitation and customization that are unattainable with wood pallets. We offer stackable, rackable, nestable and export duty plastic pallets molded for your specifications:


  •      •   Stackable: Are you dealing with limited space in your warehouse? Stackable pallets enable safe, easy vertical storage that will free up floor space in your facility. We offer flame retardant, recycled plastic, HDPE and USDA-approved stackable pallets in various sizes. These pallets are available in multiple bright colors that make separating and organizing your products simple.


  •      •   Rackable: Primarily utilized in food and pharmaceutical industry applications, our rackable pallets enable safe, convenient, sanitary storage of loads in racks above floor level, which saves space inside your warehouse. Rackable pallets feature sturdy reinforcement — they are molded with a material more rigid than our standard stackable pallets. Choose from multiple different rackable pallet sizes.


  •      •   Nestable: Nestable pallets fit inside one another, saving a substantial amount of space when not in use. They consume up to four times less floor area than traditional wood or stackable pallets. Nestable pallets also allow for more efficient movement of empty pallets — as many as 2,000 empty nestable pallets can fit into a truck trailer. Cherry’s Industrial carries nestable pallets in more than 20 sizes and made from recycled plastic or HDPE.


  •      •   Export: Export duty pallets offer a reliable, cost-effective solution for the one-way shipping of cargo. We feature nestable, stackable and export pallets made from recycled plastic, presswood and wire mesh. Choose from more than 10 sizes to meet your specific material handling needs.


Other available pallet options include aluminum, chemical, distribution and euro. Whatever your pallet needs, we have a high-quality solution you can count on.


We Provide Custom Pallet Solutions for Your Unique Material Handling Application


Need a custom pallet solution? Cherry's Industrial offers plastic custom pallets with your choice of dimensions, capacity, material composition, unique design features, durability and portability. We can also provide custom aluminum pallets that allow you to tailor the pallet’s dimension, capacity and seam type. We can transform your basic design concept into a sturdy, well-constructed finished product that meets your exact specifications.


Choose Cherry’s Industrial as Your Pallet Supplier


At Cherry’s Industrial, we focus on supplying high-quality material handling products that help you find solutions for their most demanding challenges. That has been the guiding philosophy of our company since its founding in 1983. You’ll have access to our team of capable product specialists who are the best in the industry — we can help you make the right product selection decisions for your organization.


Whether your goal is to increase productivity, organization, safety or sanitation, you’re always assured of getting the best product at a fantastic price.


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We invite you to browse our large pallet inventory and to contact us for additional product and pricing information. Reach us by phone at 877-350-2729 or by filling out and submitting our online contact form. If you’re interested in a custom pallet solution, we’ll provide comprehensive consultation services and a custom quote at no charge.