Wire Mesh Pallets

Wire Mesh Pallets

Wire mesh pallets work for loads that may be susceptible to bacteria growth, such as foods, are easy to clean, durable and carry comparable loads to other pallets. Our wire pallets come in standard sizes, such as the 48"x40" size. Forklifts have access on all four sides of these shipping pallets. There are stackable and nestable varieties. You may need a lot of one type or lots of several types, depending on your storage and shipping requirements.

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Advantages of Investing in Quality Wire Mesh Shipping Pallets

Pallets play a critical role for a broad range of warehousing, industrial and manufacturing operations, allowing for efficient loading, unloading, stacking and storing of goods. While virtually all pallets are designed for transporting materials by conveyor, lift truck, pallet jack or AGV, a mesh pallet provides distinct advantages over traditional solutions.

Wire shipping pallets from Cherry’s Industrial offer superior strength and durability than plastic or wood pallets.

The standard wire mesh pallets we carry weigh 50 lbs., are 48" x 48" in size and are designed with three runners offering 3,000 lbs. dynamic capacity and 4,000 lbs. stack capacity. High-quality 2-gauge wire mesh construction and the galvanized after-weld finish help maintain the original strength and appearance of the pallets over an extended service life. When you choose Cherry’s Industrial Equipment for wire shipping pallets, you benefit from:

  • Mesh pallets that have reinforced channels and come as either stackable or nestable in design to help maximize your available storage space
  • Larger or smaller usable platforms
  • Pallets with great structural integrity and at a great price point
  • Ability to order custom sizes and features to meet your specific application requirements

For us, it’s not enough just to provide excellent build quality. We’re also committed to sterling customer service.

Placing an Order for Wire Shipping Pallets From Cherry’s Industrial

We’re a leading material handling and warehousing equipment company with over 20 years of experience serving a broad range of industries. We save our customers time and money by providing a well-organized online shopping experience and a product line chosen for its quality and reliability. You can rest assured that if you see a mesh pallet or any other piece of equipment listed here, we’ve put it to the test ourselves or would gladly use it in our own warehouses and facilities.

In addition to standard-size and custom wire mesh pallets, we carry plastic pallets, aluminum pallets and a variety of other types of industrial pallets based on your needs. We’re equipped to handle orders of any size, from small quantities to large bulk requests.

The advantages of choosing us for all your material handling needs include:

  • Competitive prices and free, no-obligation quotes
  • Exceptional product knowledge and technical support
  • Ability to speak with a live equipment specialist at any time
  • Fast shipping and low freight costs

Avoid the frustrations that come with shopping at those impersonal big-box stores or endlessly searching the internet for a reliable product based on dubious reviews. Cherry’s Industrial offers a superior buying experience that delivers the right combination of quality, selection and value — and we back it with customer service that’s dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.

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