Chemical Pallets

Chemical Pallets

Chemical Storage Pallets Enable Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials   


Traditional pallets may not be suitable for specialized material handling operations entailing the transportation or storage of certain types of chemicals. The chemical pallet (CP) is a specially designed plastic platform that is resistant to chemicals and toxic materials.


Originally designed for use by the European chemical and plastics industries as a means of standardizing safe material handling practices, CPs are now used globally for transporting barrels, bags and octabins containing various types of chemical products, typically in powder or granular form.

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Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Can Meet Your CP Supply Needs

Cherry’s Industrial is a leading CP supplier to small-and-medium-sized chemical manufacturing and distribution operations. Our chemical pallets stand up to heavy use and can withstand exposure to chemicals and environmental conditions. These CP pallets are molded from chemical resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and will not splinter.

Choose from 40” x 48”, 42"x 48” and 48" x 48” sizes in USDA-approved or recycled plastic materials. These chemical pallets have four-way forklift access and two-way access for pallet jacks. We offer a choice of rackable, stackable, nestable and drum pallets to meet virtually any material handling application. Available racking capacities range from 2,000 lbs. to 3,000 lbs. Some of our more popular chemical pallet options include:

  • TRN2 Nestable: This 40” x 48” nestable pallet features a solid body HDPE construction that’s ideally suited for chemical material handling applications. The heavy-duty frame can support static loads up to 30,000 lbs. The surface’s unique diamond-shaped pattern provides a stronger grip to prevent container slippage. Four-way access facilitates forklift entry.
  • HDSC Stackable: The stackable 40” x 48” HDSC works well with conveyors and other forms of automated material handling equipment. This chemical pallet offers the flexibility for two-way pallet jack and four-way forklift access. The sturdy molded structural foam construction provides a static lift capacity of 30,000 lbs., making it ideally suited for heavy-duty load storage and transport applications. The HDPE plastic material provides excellent chemical resistance.
  • HDSC Drum: The 3-drum HDSC chemical pallet offers a hygienic material handling solution for industries such as food processing, chemical manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Three recessed rings allow secure placement of 55-gallon drums. The innovative flow-through design permits the natural flow of air during storage or transport.
  • RCKO Rackable: The 40” x 48” RCKO provides the strength, durability and hygiene required for industries such as food handling, meat and poultry and pharmaceuticals. Designed for fast, efficient cleanup, the RCKO is easy to sanitize after each use. It can accommodate edge-supported rack loads of up to 2,200 lbs., while also enabling easy pallet truck and forklift accessibility.

Cherry’s Industrial Offers the Best Chemical Pallets at Fantastic Prices

At Cherry’s Industrial, we only offer high-quality material handling products at prices that fit most SMB budgets. We also provide excellent service and support. Our knowledgeable product specialists can help you make the best product selection decisions for your applications. You can always count on us for a cost-effective chemical pallet solution that will solve 100 percent of your problem.

Learn More About Our Chemical Pallet Offerings

Feel free to browse our current chemical pallet product inventory found on this page — our product descriptions are loaded with useful information. If you need additional product or pricing details, just give us a call at 877-350-2729 or fill out and submit our convenient online contact form today.

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