Professional Grade Toe Jacks

Professional Grade Toe Jacks

Professional Grade Toe Jacks Offer You Maximum Lift Height


Professional grade toe jacks are designed to maximize durability and come fitted with anti-slip pads top plate and toe hook. The extra features go a long way to adding practicality and durability to our lineup of professional grade toe jacks. You’ll enjoy the benefits now and for years to come.

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Our GKS Toe Jacks make moving and lifting heavy equipment easier. These hydraulic toe jacks work with machinery skates, transport dollies or roller skids.

When you step up to our professional toe jacks, you’re getting:

  • Anti-slip pads: Designed for maximum grip when lifting, our anti-slip pads utilize resistant material for long-lasting wear. As soon as these pads make contact with your equipment, they grip and stay in place, meaning less chance of your equipment sliding.
  • Increased durability: When you opt for professional grade equipment, you want lower maintenance and increased service life. That’s what you get with our professional grade toe jacks. The materials and design are optimized for longer life and the quality seals and mechanisms mean little service is required.

Professional grade toe jacks are an especially practical idea when you’re frequently lifting and moving your equipment over relatively long distances. The chance of slipping increases the further you transport your equipment, which is where our additional anti-slip pads are extremely handy. They’ll keep your equipment load securely on your toe jack for safe and consistent handling.

How to Choose Your Professional Grade Toe Jack

Our lineup consists of several different models designed for different loads and functions. Some factors to consider:

  • Toe height: This height indicates the minimum space required to insert the jack. The ‘toe’ of the jack is the flange that fits under your equipment when it is on the ground. Measure the gap between the floor and the underside of your equipment’s lift point to determine which of our models fits.
  • Lifting height: This height is the maximum underside height you’ll lift your equipment with our toe jacks. This is also known as the working height. Our professional grade jacks are designed to lift to this height and allow for easy transportation while elevated.
  • Load capacity: This capacity is the maximum weight you can lift with the toe jack. Our equipment is designed to safely and reliably work to maximum load capacity, though we suggest choosing a toe jack model that has some extra load capacity in case of additional weight on your equipment.

Take into account these factors and you can choose the professional grade toe jack that suits your equipment and applications.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Provides Fast and Easy Purchasing

At Cherry’s Industrial, we know that you count on your toe jacks to lift and position your equipment quickly and efficiently. You save time and money when you don’t have to struggle with your equipment movements.

Compare our different models of professional grade toe jacks and find the model that suits your application best. It’s fast and easy to place your order once you’ve found the right jack.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for right away, contact us through our online form, by email or by phone at 877-350-2729. We can tell you more about our custom solutions and how you can find the perfect solution to your equipment lifting and moving challenges. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.

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