Roller Skids

Roller Skids & Machinery Rollers

Roller skids and machine rollers are an economical solution for professional machine tool movers, riggers or your own staff. Machinery rollers are ideal for lifting and moving equipment for industries like manufacturing, rigging, machinery moving, printing, power plants, aerospace, aviation, defense, hospitals, off shore, clean room and used equipment sales.

Roller skids come in a variety of configurations depending on your needs and the machinery you are moving. Made for bearing anything from light loads to the heaviest weights, roller skids give you a reliable way to move heavy loads across varying surfaces. Some machinery roller skids are designed for smooth flooring, while others are capable of moving loads across uneven surfaces and even contaminated surfaces. Whichever machine roller skids you choose, you can depend on our products to stand up to years of standard use.

Need something more custom for your application? Cherry's can work with you to design and engineer a custom roller skid or machine roller to meet your specs. Looking for a machinery skate? View our selection of adjustable machine skates to move your equipment easily.

Poly and Steel Roller Skids

Individual roller skids allow you to purchase just what you need for the job at hand. Coming in a wide variety of designs, our steel and poly-wheeled roller skids can help you transport light to heavy loads across a range of surfaces, depending on specifications. Lightweight roller skids and machinery rollers can be used over floors that need special care, while heavier-duty steel chain roller skids can carry much heavier loads over rougher flooring.

Steering and connecting

Cherry's roller skid steering handles are an essential tool for moving and directing roller skids to their intended destination. Available with or without a turning lock.

Poly and Steel Roller Skids

Cherry's Roller Skid Kits provide a 3-Point or 4-Point Load Transport System Package that can handle your toughest rigging warehouse projects.

If standard roller skids are not suitable for your current rigging application then please Contact us and consult with one of our product specialists. Let us know your goals and particular application and we will walk you through the custom roller skid options available.