Roller Skid Handles

Handles for Roller Skid Steering and Connecting    


In many instances, getting your equipment and machinery onto a roller skid is only half the workflow challenge. You also need a way to transport it safely and efficiently around your facility or job site.


While roller skids are equipped with polyurethane wheels that allow them to roll across a wide variety of flooring and surfaces, it still requires human effort to set them in motion and guide them to their destination. That’s where roller skid steering handles can be a tremendous asset to your material handling tasks. 

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Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Can Provide the Right Steering Handle for Your Roller Skids

Our roller skid steering handles are an essential tool for moving and directing roller skids to their intended destination. Handles are designed to connect to the roller skid so they can be pulled behind a worker instead of pushed. This allows the skid to move more easily across the surface and minimizes the amount of human force required for movement. It also allows workers to steer the load more efficiently — and even make turns around relatively tight corners.

We offer steering handles that are available with or without a turning lock. A turning lock secures the roller skid in place for safe transport.

Overview of Roller Skid Steering Handle Features and Benefits

Benefits of equipping your roller skids with steering handles include:

  • Reduced likelihood of equipment damage: By enabling the smoother transport of your equipment, steering handles can help to prevent accidents. This can save your company money and minimize unproductive downtime due to machinery damage.
  • Fewer workplace injuries: Steering handles can reduce the physical burden on workers when moving machinery. This can help to reduce the number of workplace injuries that too frequently result in pain, lost time and expensive worker’s compensation claims.
  • More effective use of your workforce: A steering handle may reduce the number of workers required to transport a heavy object. You can free up members of your staff for more urgent tasks, which may ultimately lower your labor costs.
  • Faster completion of moving tasks: By allowing your team to move machinery and equipment more quickly, they’ll get more work done in less time. This can have a positive impact on what matters the most: your company’s bottom line.

It’s important to choose a steering handle that is designed for use with your specific roller skid model. Review our individual product descriptions for compatibility information.

Why Choose Cherry’s Industrial Equipment for Your Roller Skid Steering Handle Needs?

In addition to offering high-quality steering handles at fantastic prices, Cherry’s Industrial provides superior service that has helped us become one of the most trusted names in the material handling industry. We can provide expert product selection assistance to ensure the equipment you purchase meets your specific applications. Our user-friendly e-commerce site will save you time and hassles, along with the convenience of 24/7 accessibility.

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