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Lift More Safely With Economy and Professional-Grade Hydraulic Toe Jacks


Toe jacks are an essential tool for lifting and loading machinery and equipment. Cherry's Industrial Equipment’s selection of toe jacks takes into consideration factors such as quality, economy and application. Some economy toe jacks may be just as suited for rigging applications as the more expensive, professional-grade options on the market. However, everything depends on your situation as well as your expectations.

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These economy toe jacks are great to purchase in multiples for everyday use.
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Professional grade toe jacks are designed for maximum durability and decrease slipping with anti-slip pads on the toe hook and top plate.

At Cherry’s Industrial, we believe it’s important to offer you a wide selection of toe jacks for every possible situation and type of equipment. Instead of forcing you to choose a jack that isn’t adapted to the lifting you do, we provide specific toe jack models designed to get the job done quickly.

Each type of toe jack we offer carries advantages and benefits for your business and application:

  • Economy toe jacks: Designed for maximum value, our economy toe jacks offer function and reliability you can count on. You get sturdy construction and high-quality materials, meaning your toe jacks will give you years of trouble-free service. They include reduced toe heights for use with a wider range of equipment types and impressive lifting height to cover your requirements.
  • Professional-grade toe jacks: If you need a toe jack on a frequent basis and want the best features on the market, opt for one of our professional grade toe jacks. You get the same attention to quality materials and construction as our economy toe jacks, but with added durability for even longer service life. You’ll also benefit from anti-slip pads for the ultimate in grip.

We’ve made it easy to compare our products right here on our website. In just a few clicks, you can see all of the technical features and specifications — and find the toe jack model that suits your application.

Important Toe Jack Capacity Factors to Consider

Once you’ve selected the type of jack that suits the type of equipment you’ll be lifting, you need to consider several other factors:

  • Load capacity: This is the maximum weight the lift can handle. Always choose a toe jack that has load to spare. You may sometimes have to lift your equipment with more weight than planned — if the machine is loaded, filled with fluids, etc. — so having some buffer is helpful.
  • Toe height: The toe height is the distance between the floor and the top of the toe when it’s in its lowest position. This space is the minimum distance to slide the toe jack under your equipment. Always try to allow for a bit more space when choosing your toe height to account for uneven floors and surfaces.
  • Lifting height: The lifting height is the maximum height of the jack when fully raised. This space represents how far off the floor you can raise your equipment. As with the other values, always try to allow for a bit of buffer in maximum height, in case there are changes in your loading conditions.

If you already have toe jacks and are looking for replacements, you will know this information. If you have new equipment and are purchasing toe jacks for the first time, take a moment to check out these various points so that you’ll choose the right model.

You may even decide to choose a few different models to have great flexibility. This is especially practical if you have a large site or facility and can make use of toe jacks at different locations. Store toe jacks at multiple locations in your facility for the maximum in equipment lifting and transporting flexibility.

Choose Cherry’s Industrial for Quality, Durability and Long Service Life

The quality and durability of our products come from intelligent design, material choice and construction. Our toe jacks are easy to use, with a simple design that makes positioning under your equipment easy to do. The steel chosen for the body and toe of the jack is treated for maximum durability and crack resistance. Every jack is assembled and tested carefully before it leaves the factory.

Let Cherry's Industrial lead you to the toe jack that will work best for you. Contact one of our friendly and experienced team members today through our direct online form or by phone at 877-350-2729.

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