Economy Toe Jacks

Economy Toe Jacks

Economy Toe Jacks Are Budget Friendly and Long Lasting


At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we carry a wide range of material handling products to cover the widest range possible of industrial equipment needs and budgets. Toe jacks are an option you should consider if you need to lift items in your shop or warehouse regularly.

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Not every shop needs the mostheavy-duty toe jack available. For shops where toe jacks will not see repeated heavy use, our economy products are ideal. Toe jacks and lifting jacks, when combined with roller skids or machinery skates, can make moving heavy equipment significantly easier. Our bottle jacks accomplish this consistently and reliably — will last for years with proper care.

There are several situations where an economy toe jack appeals to our customers:

  • If you’re not using a toe jack every day or if you only need one on rare occasions, spending more on a professional grade model may not make sense. Since use will be infrequent, opt for a more affordable economy toe jack and save money.
  • Many regular users of toe jacks find it convenient to have a spare. If your regular jacks and lifts are being used frequently, the occasion can arise when you need a spare one for an additional lifting job. An economy toe jack model doesn’t stretch your budget and gives you extra flexibility.
  • When you need to carry a toe jack around with you, transporting an economy model may make more sense. If you’re worried about it being stolen or left somewhere, the lower investment of an economy toe jack means if it disappears you’re less concerned than if it’s a professional grade model.

When you choose an economy toe jack from Cherry’s Industrial, you’re getting top-quality construction. Your jack will work as designed and you can count on having a reliable tool whenever you need it.

What to Look at When Purchasing an Economy Toe Jack

If you’re not familiar with our economy toe jacks, it’s important to know the difference between the two categories. We carry two different styles in our popular economy models:

  • Ratchet-type: Our ratcheting toe jacks work like any ratcheting mechanism. When you push the lever down, you raise the jack by a set height increments thanks to the internal ratchet. This keeps the jack from dropping back down. This simple, sturdy design is effective and reliable.
  • Non-ratchet-type: Our other toe jacks make use of a hydraulic piston and lever for actuation. The advantage is even greater loads thanks to the force multiplying effect of the hydraulic piston. You can get up to 10 tons of lifting with our economy toe jacks — this load capacity covers a wide range of equipment needs.

Do you need help deciding which type of economy toe jack supports your application best? Give us a call at 877-350-2729, and we’ll answer your questions.

Fast and Easy Purchase Process When You Purchase a Toe Jack From Cherry’s Industrial

If you’ve determined which economy toe jack you need, you can easily make your purchase right here on our site using our secure checkout. For more information about our custom toe jack solutions, contact our team by email or phone.

At Cherry’s Industrial, we work hard to meet your equipment lifting needs. We can provide you with a toe jack that suits the types of equipment you handle and the lifting and transporting you do. We are confident in the quality and functionality of everything we sell. That’s how we’ve become a leader in the material handling industry.

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