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If you’re in any warehousing or industrial industry, there’s going to be a time when you need to lift something heavy. To make these heavy lifting jobs easier and faster, you want to have the most dependable, safest and strongest hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks or platform/lift trucks available.


That’s when you want Cherry’s Industrial Equipment.

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From low profile to high lift, standard or high capacity, wide fork or narrow fork, Cherry's has a great selection of manual pallet trucks available.
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Cherry's has a full selection of electric pallet trucks from light to heavy duty models for your warehouse or industrial facility.
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Cherry's specialty pallet trucks are available in a wide variety of dimensions and applications, let us help guide you to a solution that's right for you.
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Cherry's carries a wide range of all terrain pallet trucks and pallet jacks to make your heavy moving jobs on off-road surfaces easier.
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Custom Pallet Truck custom designed and engineered to your specifications.

Why Go With Cherry's Industrial for All Your Pallet Moving Needs?

We carry all styles of hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks and platform/lift trucks to help you get your lifting jobs done right, done fast — and done safely.

Our warehouse pallet trucks and industrial pallet jacks range from manual models that require some exertion to move product to the next destination, to fully automated lift trucks that only require the use of your hands and fingertips to move and direct product. Load capacities range based on truck models.

Having served a range of industries and organizations, we're excited to help you find the right industrial pallet jack for your specific needs. If a forklift truck isn't right for your situation, then rest assured that Cherry’s Industrial will direct you to the pallet truck that will work best for your facility.

If you're looking for information on pallet movers to determine which type works best for your application, look no further. Our selection goes beyond your standard options, and we're happy to review how each truck could work for you. Choose from:

  • Manual Pallet Trucks: Manual pallet trucks are one of the most economical options for moving pallets indoors because they greatly reduce the amount of work and strain required to lift a load to a certain height. From low profile to high lift, standard or high capacity, wide fork or narrow fork, Cherry's Industrial has a great selection of manual pallet trucks available.
  • Electric Pallet Trucks: Electric pallet trucks deliver a strong return on your investment thanks to their precision and automation capabilities — key features that can help you decrease rework, boost productivity and increase on-the-job safety. Cherry's Industrial offers you light- to heavy-duty electric pallet truck models for your industrial facility or warehouse.
  • Specialty Pallet Trucks: You want to use these amazing movers whenever a standard model won’t do, such as in close confines where a smaller footprint is required, or when handling delicate, oversized or unbalanced items. Several available products offer shorter fork lengths, wider bases and other unique features that make them suitable for specialty applications.
  • All-Terrain Pallet Trucks: When the terrain gets tough, you need to get tougher. Our products feature innovations that roll over difficult terrains, such as pneumatic wheels, gas- and electric-powered engines, and hydrostatic transmissions that make navigating rough terrain risk-free. Our all-terrain pallet trucks are the perfect mover for places like gravel pits, outdoor construction sites and other environments where reliable performance is key.
  • Custom Pallet Trucks: Don’t see what you need? Don’t worry — Cherry’s Industrial can custom design and engineer a pallet truck specifically for your needs. Whether we are modifying an existing unit or creating something new from the ground up, we work with you to find a solution for all your material handling challenges — no matter how unique the need. Visit our Custom Pallet Trucks page to tell us about your requirements and submit a request for a quote online.

How to Choose the Industrial Pallet Truck for Your Business

When considering our extensive selection of off-the-shelf products — as well as near-unlimited opportunities for modification or customization — it’s important to bring it back to the basics. Here are some things to consider when looking for the right pallet truck for your application:

  • Weight and size requirements: Attempting to move a heavy or oddly-shaped item with the wrong equipment can lead to costly on-the-job accidents, lost productivity and other issues. That’s why it’s so important to choose a pallet truck that will meet your requirements. High capacity pallet trucks can lift items over 15,000 lbs., whereas light- and medium-duty models can typically lift between 2,000 lbs. and 4,000 lbs. loads. In addition to weight, size is another concern — irregularly sized items may require pallet trucks with wider or longer forks, for example.
  • Operating environment: Most pallet trucks are designed for use in indoor warehouses. However, uneven floors and narrow aisles can make certain equipment better suited to your facility than others. Specialized equipment may also be necessary at outdoor work sites, refrigerated facilities or sanitary environments where machinery is frequently exposed to harsh chemicals. Many of our pallet trucks are available with corrosion-resistant coatings or all-terrain suspension systems that make navigating any environment easy.
  • Budget: A pallet truck is a long-term investment. The right machine will help you maintain a streamlined workflow without putting your employees at risk. Paying more today for a better quality unit can have long-term benefits for many organizations.

Trust Cherry's Industrial for Your Heavy Pallet Moving Needs

Do you need to move heavy items in a confined space — and do it quickly? Let our equipment do the lifting for you so you can focus on your business and your customers.

All of our industrial pallet trucks have been tested and confirmed to offer excellent performance and value. Unlike larger catalog suppliers, we prize quality over quantity and offer a carefully curated selection of products we know and trust.

Want to learn more? Fill out our online contact form, or call us at 877-350-2729 to speak with a Cherry’s Industrial representative today.

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