Pallet Trucks

Industrial Pallet Trucks & Jacks

We carry all styles of hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks and platform / lift trucks to make your heavy moving jobs easier.

Our warehouse pallet trucks and industrial pallet jacks range from manual models that allow you to place forks in your pallets and drag them across the floor to fully automated lift trucks that only require you to control the machine. Load capacities are as varied as the truck models. We can match your specific needs with an industrial pallet jack that will handle them. When a forklift is just too cumbersome for warehouse or shop work, a Cherry's pallet truck is what you need.

Looking for something custom? We can design and engineer a custom pallet truck or jack to meet your exact specs for your application.

From low profile to high lift, standard or high capacity, wide fork or narrow fork, Cherry's has a great selection of manual pallet trucks available.
Cherry's has a full selection of electric pallet trucks from light to heavy duty models for your warehouse or industrial facility.
Cherry's specialty pallet trucks are available in a wide variety of dimensions and applications, let us help guide you to a solution that's right for you.
Cherry's carries a wide range of all terrain pallet trucks and pallet jacks to make your heavy moving jobs on off-road surfaces easier.
Custom Pallet Truck custom designed and engineered to your specifications.