Custom Pallet Trucks

Custom Pallet Trucks

When You Need a Unique Solution to Lifting Heavy Pallets, You Need a Custom-Made Pallet Truck


Transporting heavy loads often requires specific equipment and planning. When the loads don’t easily fit traditional pallet trucks, it could result in scheduling delays. Combine this frustration with looming business deadlines and potential safety hazards, simply moving a pallet from one place to another might sometimes seem impossible.


At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we know the feeling. That’s why we’ve committed to meeting your unique heavy lifting needs — no matter what. Our product specialists are trained to understand your needs and then work with you to design and engineer a custom pallet truck to meet the demanding needs of your business.

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What Do You Need in Your Custom Pallet Mover?

Pallet trucks come in many sizes, capacities, colors and configurations. Even with all that diversity, there will always be projects or applications that require specialized equipment not available off the shelf. If you require a custom pallet truck for any application, Cherry’s Industrial can help. We are unique among other equipment suppliers in that we have extensive modification and customization capabilities.

Some things to consider when you’re looking for a custom pallet moving solution include:

  • Capacity: Never underestimate your capacity requirements — an underpowered pallet truck can lead to employee fatigue or injury, lower productivity and product loss.
  • Pallet size: Pallets loaded up with oversized, unevenly balanced or oddly shaped items will require special equipment to transport.
  • Operating environment: If your pallet truck is for indoor-only use, consider how much room you need to move and turn. Narrow aisle facilities may require specialized equipment to maneuver properly. For outdoor environments, consider the ground conditions you’ll be operating on, and whether or not a rough terrain model is necessary.
  • Usage requirements: Depending on the amount of time your pallet truck needs to be utilized, semi-electric or fully electric alternatives may work better than manual options. With a manual mover, constantly pumping a handle to lift product and then haul it to distant locations in your facility may become counterproductive in the long-run.

These are just a few of the items a Cherry’s Industrial representative will go over with you when working on your quote for a custom pallet truck. Once we’ve determined your requirements, we’ll assess whether or not an existing model can be modified to meet them, or whether a new unit needs to be built from scratch.

Solving Customers’ Material Handling Challenges Since 1983

Count on Cherry’s Industrial for everything you need to successfully find the pallet truck that is right for you. To request a quote for a custom pallet truck, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 877-350-2729 and we can discuss your unique requirements.

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