Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric Pallet Trucks

When You Need Power to Move a Load, You Need an Electric Pallet Truck


Smart pallet movers know that sometimes a load is just too heavy to move by hand — even with a pallet truck. That’s when they get an electric pallet truck to get major moving power for seriously heavy pallet loads.

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Why Get Your Electric Pallet Trucks From Cherry's Industrial Equipment?

Cherry's Industrial Equipment has a full selection of electric pallet trucks, ranging from light- to heavy-duty models. Ideal for a warehouse or industrial facility, our electric powered pallet trucks allow you to transport more weight with less exertion. Use them for unloading and loading products, pallets and drum, and for transporting items over long distances in your facility.

Electric Pallet Trucks Put the Power in Your Hands

Electric pallet trucks offer many advantages for you and your employees, including:

  • Less strain on the operator: Because lifting is automated, heavy loads can be moved without putting operators at risk of an on-the-job injury.
  • More precise positioning: Electric controls are also more precise than manual, which makes it easier to move a pallet into the correct position the first time.
  • Easier training: Because an electric pallet truck is easier to use than a manual unit — and because there is less chance of injury — training new employees on proper operating procedures is faster, giving you a faster route to more productivity.

In certain circumstances, electric pallet trucks make effective alternatives to forklifts. Compared to a forklift, an electric pallet truck has the benefit of being smaller and easier to maneuver, making it a better choice in narrow-aisle warehouses and other tight spaces. It’s also more cost-effective and easier to train new staff on.

Which Products Do You Need to Enhance Your Pallet Moving Operations?

At Cherry’s Industrial, we’re highly selective of the products we offer to our customers.  We take the time to test every product and ensure it meets our high standards. Our current electric pallet truck inventory includes:

  • The PMAXI-CO standard electric pallet jack: The PMAXI is an electric drive pallet jack with 4,000 lbs. capacity and a maximum raised height of 7½”. Key features include an ergonomic handle and motor brake, as well as rounded corners for improved product protection and a tighter turning radius.
  • The E30 light duty electric pallet truck: The E30 offers 3,000 lbs. of lift capacity, accessible handle controls and an ergonomic angle grip, a 24-volt, high-efficiency magnet drive motor and a precision engineered hydraulic pump and cylinder for smooth lifting and lowering.
  • The WPT45 electric pallet truck: The WPT45 is one of our fullest featured electric drive pallet trucks. It includes Curtis SepEx™ controls, a wrap-around hand guard, “belly button” reversing switch and other features designed for safety, productivity and operator convenience. Use the WPT45 to lift loads up to 4,500 lbs. between 8” and 3.35”.

Browse our full inventory, or contact us directly for assistance from one of our representatives. Can’t find what you’re looking for online? We have extensive customization capabilities and can modify many of our off-the-shelf products to meet your requirements.

Your Partner for Material Handling Success

When you work with Cherry’s Industrial, you’re working with a company that’s committed to your long-term success. Since 1983, we’ve been helping customers find the right product for their specific needs. Use our online contact form to get in touch with, or give us a call at 877-350-2729 and discover what we can do together. 

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