All Terrain Pallet Trucks

All Terrain Pallet Trucks

When You Need Lifting Power on Difficult Surfaces, You Need an All-Terrain Pallet Trucks


Sometimes you need lifting power outside of the warehouse. That can be difficult for traditional pallet trucks, but here at, the e-commerce arm of Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we carry a range of all-terrain pallet trucks and pallet jacks that make heavy moving jobs on off-road surfaces easier. Our products have been specifically designed to deliver the durability necessary to move products across gravel pits, construction sites, nurseries and other rough, uneven terrain. 

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Why Should You Choose Cherry's Industrial All-Terrain Pallet Trucks?

Our all-terrain pallet trucks include both manual and gas-powered electric pallet jacks with lifting capacities up to 4,000 lbs. We are highly selective in the manufacturers we work with, and take the time to thoroughly research our product lines. Our attention to quality and detail ensures that you are getting a product that will deliver on its promises and provide years of reliable use, no matter the terrain.

Our inventory of all-terrain pallet trucks is backed by a comprehensive 90-day warranty and includes powerful all-terrain lifting products for every need and budget. You can select an economical off-road pallet jack that is perfect for a wide variety of light to medium-duty applications. These manually-operated trucks have a surprisingly robust capacity that can accommodate substantial loads with ease. Adjustable forks allow you to adapt the width of the jack to conform to the load for maximum flexibility. The lightweight yet sturdy construction eases the burden on your equipment operators, but without sacrificing strength and stability.

You can also choose an all-terrain pallet jack powered by a gasoline engine that will enable you to move loads faster and more efficiently — and increase your productivity. They can also serve as a reliable rough-terrain pallet jack, which is ideal if your applications frequently entail working on uneven surfaces. These jacks can match our manually-operated jacks in terms of load capacity. However, the greater fork widths and increased lifting height give you more options for transporting bulkier loads. Other advanced features include upgraded wheels and smooth-operating hydrostatic transmissions.

If you require an off-road pallet truck with an even greater load capacity, our inventory also includes models that can easily handle 4,000 lbs. These products include heavy-duty components and other features designed to withstand the rigors of the most demanding material handling environments. They're also designed for easy handling to help your operators work more productively — and safely.

All-Terrain Pallet Jack Applications

Our off-road pallet jacks are an excellent choice for outdoor environments that require maximum load stability and lower handling stress on difficult terrain. A common use is at construction sites when hauling building materials from trucks to specific areas on the job site. Nurseries can also use them to relocate plants and shrubs and transport equipment and supplies throughout the property.

Small and large farms and commercial agriculture operations can utilize all-terrain pallet jacks to assist in moving and loading bales of hay and other heavy items. Storage unit facilities can make all-terrain pallet trucks available to customers who need them when loading and unloading their belongings into and out of the units.

Off-Road Pallet Jacks Can Provide a Host of Valuable Benefits

All-terrain pallet trucks are among the many user-friendly pieces of material handling equipment to use. The small learning curve means operators can get up to speed in little time, which can increase productivity. They also require relatively little effort, especially the engine-powered models, which reduces the wear-and-tear on operators.

In addition, these machines offer a great price point when compared to other types of equipment, which is an important consideration in a time where companies everywhere must find ways to do more with less. And with their rugged design and construction, off-road pallet jacks from will increase the length of time between necessary replacements.

  • The All-T-2 pallet truck: Our most economical all-terrain pallet truck, the All-T-2 is a fully-manual model with a 2,000 lbs. load capacity and adjustable forks that can be set between 1/2" to 26" wide. Heavy-duty pneumatic tires and a wide frame design provide exceptional stability in any outdoor environment. Lightweight tubular construction makes the All-T-2 easy to maneuver, while fully-sealed wheel bearings offer protection against contamination from dust and dirt. The All-T-2 has an inside straddle of 50”, making it suitable for lifting and moving all standard pallets.
  • The All-T-2-GPT pallet truck: The All-T-2-GPT takes the advanced design of the All-T-2 and adds a gas-powered engine for easier lifting and maneuvering — an extremely useful upgrade if you frequently work on uneven ground conditions. Like the manual All-T-2, the GPT model can lift loads up to 2,000 lbs. However, in addition to a gas engine, it offers wider forks that can span up to 36” across, and a maximum raised height of 12”, as well as upgraded wheels, a hydrostatic transmission and a number of other advanced features.
  • The All-T-4-GPT pallet truck: The All-T-4-GPT all-terrain pallet truck is our most advanced product offering.  With heavier-duty components, it’s capable of lifting loads up to 4,000 lbs.

Contact Cherry's Industrial for Assistance With Your All-Terrain Pallet Moving Needs

Our customers have unique lifting needs, and nowhere is that more evident than when it comes to outdoor pallet moving. Different terrain can make moving heavy objects difficult, time-consuming and dangerous. That’s why we take such pride in offering fully-tested manual and electric all-terrain pallet jacks to meet your diverse needs.

We understand the challenges you encounter in outdoor pallet moving, and that’s why we offer all-terrain pallet trucks that give you the functionality, power and safety you need.

You can also count on to make the purchasing process as smooth and as seamless as possible. Our compact, easy-to-navigate e-commerce website will save you time and hassles when searching for equipment. If you need assistance, our team includes knowledgeable product specialists who will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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