Pallet Support Bars

Pallet Support Bars

Pallet Support Bars Provide a Reliable Solution to Your Storage System


A warehouse storage system is only as good as it’s support structure — the pallet support bars. Pallet support bars are an economical way to improve safety and keep pallets from falling out of place while on their shelves. Pallet support bars ensure that the stress of the load resting on a pallet is distributed evenly, which prevents the pallet and racking system from flexing unnecessarily. 

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Sustain Your Storage System With Cherry’s Industrial Equipment’s Pallet Support Bars

At Cherry’s Industrial, we know that great pallet support bars are the foundation of a great storage system. That’s why we carry a range of pallet support bars for use with any racking system. Our products are 2" wide and come in 36", 42", 44" and 48" lengths. We sell four types of pallet support bars:

  • NDCBF362140P: The NDCBF362140P is our 36” long pallet support bar, capable of supporting loads up to 1,550 lbs.
  • NDCBF422140P: The NDCBF422140P is our 42” long pallet support bar, capable of supporting loads up to 1,450 lbs.
  • NDCBF442140P: The NDCBF442140P is our 44” long pallet support bar, capable of supporting loads up to 1,350 lbs.
  • NDCBF482140P: The NDCBF482140P is our 48” long pallet support bar, capable of supporting loads up to 1,250 lbs.

All pallet support bars feature double flanged ends and quality, American-made construction. Tek screw holes allow for secure fastening to your racking system’s step beams. Bars are made from 14-gauge steel and are finished with a grey powder coating for long-term protection from corrosion.

With their low cost, ease of installation, strength and versatility, pallet support bars offer a number of benefits in warehouses, storage facilities and other environments. Use them to provide additional security when storing heavy or older pallets that are nearing the end of their operational life.

Pallet bars can support international or non-standard sized pallets that would otherwise be at risk of slipping between beams. They can also be used to hold up plywood shelving for storing loose items.

Pallet Support Bars Bring Added Safety to the Modern Warehouse Environment

Pallet support bars are a small investment that can greatly improve the safety of your operation. As part of a complete racking solution, they offer peace of mind and performance you can count on to keep your crew safe.

Safer pallet racking is beneficial for your employees, as well as for your bottom line. By making safety a priority, your operation benefits from:

  • Improved productivity: When employees have to take extra steps to ensure safety, it cuts into the time that could be spent stocking shelves or picking an order.
  • Lower liability: On-the-job accidents cost time and money. When you make security a priority by purchasing an appropriate racking system, you reduce your liability. Properly secured and supported pallets also make it easier to meet applicable health and safety guidelines, and to maintain compliance with ISO and other standards.
  • Less product loss: Every year, warehouses lose sizeable amounts of inventory due to preventable accidents. Better racking systems equipped with appropriate pallet support bars are your first line of defense against avoidable and expensive incidents.

Let Cherry’s Industrial Help You Find the Right Pallet Support Bars for Your Needs

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