Wire Containers

Wire Containers

Work Faster, Safer and More Effectively With Collapsible Wire Containers


Is your warehousing or distribution operation searching for ways to improve productivity while maximizing efficiency? Collapsible wire containers from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment offer an economical and effective way to get the most out of your storage and supply space, while at the same time improving everything from organization and workflow to facility safety and cleanliness.


Our collapsible wire containers are perfect for use in industrial and warehouse settings where there is a need for bulk materials handling. These wire bulk storage containers can be used for manufacturing and storage applications in different industries and are available in a range of sizes. Additional features include lids and casters for added protection and mobility.


Follow the links below for a closer look at our standard-size wire mesh containers and custom wire mesh containers, and get in touch with us today if you’d like assistance placing an order. 

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Organize your warehouse with collapsible wire mesh containers and welded wire baskets for parts and component storage.
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Custom built collapsible wire containers for nearly any industrial storage, shipping or warehousing application.

The Benefits of Stackable and Foldable Wire Warehouse Containers

Our bulk wire storage containers are a superior option when compared to other traditional alternatives, such as cardboard boxes, bags and plastic bins. The lightweight but strong material creates an ideal low weight-to-load ratio, meaning you can move more stock with less wire containers. Thanks to the spacing of the mesh design, contents are clearly visible — even when stacked three and four containers high — making it easy to see what is stored inside.

Wire containers from Cherry's Industrial stack, fold and store items to increase floor space and workplace safety. Standard sizes are always in stock, while customizable sizing options and features give you the power to choose the container that’s best suited for your inventory or work environment.

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The Advantages of Choosing and Purchasing Quality Wire Warehouse Containers

Your warehouse will benefit from superior organization with welded wire baskets and collapsible wire mesh containers. Cherry's Industrial offers you two lines of folding collapsible wire storage containers in wire mesh and rigid wire to meet the needs of your warehouse or industrial application. These 2-gauge wire storage bins are available in a variety of sizes and designs ranging as large as a 40’’ x 48’’ x 42’’ model that can hold up to 4,000 pounds.

Wire warehouse containers provide a clean storage option, purpose-built to improve efficiency and organization. Additional features and advantages include:

  • Easy Setup and Breakdown: Wire mesh containers assemble in under a minute by following a few simple steps. Breakdown is just as quick, as the collapsible containers fold down for economical storage and transportation.
  • Improved Access to Inventory: Half drop down gates positioned on the side of the container allow for direct access to inventory — without additional lifting and rearranging. Gates lock in place to eliminate safety hazards and product breakage cause by unintended openings of containers.
  • Storage Versatility: From models that offer a tight ½" x ½" mesh for storing small parts to units with extended length to accommodate long and heavy tools, we carry bulk storage containers for virtually any application.
  • Excellent ROI: Unlike cardboard boxes and other storage bins that wear down over time or are susceptible to moisture and harmful elements, these mesh wire containers provide many years of reliable service. The galvanized finish after welding protects the look and strengthens the structural integrity of the wire gauge.
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Custom Wire Containers: Build a Collapsible Wire Container Tailored to Your Exact Specifications

Have a unique application or inventory that requires something other than a standard-size storage solution? Cherry’s Industrial can fabricate and design wire collapsible containers of most sizes with lower costs than using steel or plastic. Our experienced team will help analyze your needs to choose the wire gauge, mesh pattern and other attributes needed to safely and effectively manage your inventory. Additional options available include:

  • Choice of powder coat or galvanized finish
  • Safety latches and lockable drop gates
  • ID plates for easier order picking
  • Stacking feet, runner bars, fork pockets and dividers
  • Protective lids and rollers/casters

If you need a custom, collapsible wire container, contact Cherry's Industrial to work on a solution that meets your needs.

Cherry’s Industrial Is Your Trusted Source of Wire Mesh Containers

Whether you’re focused on better utilizing your warehouse space, organizing your distribution center or finding new ways to improve operational efficiency, Cherry’s Industrial can help. We not only offer you an impressive inventory of quality products for the warehousing industry, but also back it up with expert guidance to help your business overcome its most challenging supply, storage, workflow and distribution problems.

When you choose to partner with Cherry’s Industrial, you benefit from:

  • Competitive bulk pricing and easy online ordering
  • Fast shipping from distribution centers across the U.S.
  • Ability to fill orders of any size, large or small

Why settle for warehouse equipment that falls short of solving 100% of the problem? Cherry’s Industrial offers you standard options and personalized service to develop custom solutions that meet your unique needs. Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable and attentive representative. Fill out our online form or give us a call at 877-350-2729 today.

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