Industrial & Chemical Storage Cabinets

Safely Store Hazardous Materials in Our Industrial & Chemical Storage Cabinets


Our grade cabinet selection provides the solution for safely storing containers of various contents. Cabinets are designed to meet safety requirements for the handling of flammable liquids, 55-gallon drums, inks, paints and propane gas cylinders.


All of our cabinets comply with current OSHA regulations. They are designed to meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 30 standards. Factory Mutual (FM) approved models are available.


Each of our cabinet models come in finished in 2-part urethane safety yellow or red paint. Many of them include double wall construction, "Flammable - Keep Fire Away" signage, 3-point self-latching nonsparking doors and painted galvanized steel shelving.

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Our cabinets dedicated to corrosive and acid storage have inner protection in case of leaks to protect workers from harm.
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Our environmental cabinets are suited for a range of applications and feature solid construction.
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Our flammable storage for liquids is the best way to keep your chemicals from spontaneously combusting.
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Cherry's gas cylinder storage cabinets are extremely important in the proper storage and maintenance of gas cylinder tanks.
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Choose from a variety of paint and ink storage cabinets from Cherry’s to keep your paint and ink cans stored safely and securely.

Finding the Right Type of Storage Solution for Your Hazardous Materials

For cabinets that provide storage for the corrosive, acidic, flammable, gaseous, toxic and colorful, Cherry's Industrial Equipment is your source for safely storing hazardous drums and containers.

Each of our storage solutions comes in various dimensions, colors and exterior metal options:

  • Corrosive and acid storage: Our corrosive and acid storage cabinets have inner protection to protect workers from harm in the case of leaks. They are ideal for both flammable and non-flammable materials.
  • Environmental: Suited for a range of applications and featuring solid construction, these cabinets offer the perfect place to store drums and cans in vertical settings. Choose from a series of door options to create the perfect function for your needs — manual, sliding and self-closing included.
  • Flammable liquid storage: Our flammable storage for liquids is the best way to keep your chemicals from spontaneously combusting. Many of our flammable liquid storage options feature double-wall construction, as well as warning signage appropriate for their contents. Choose from options that feature non-sparking doors, shelves and other features.
  • Gas cylinder storage: Cherry's Industrial gas cylinder storage cabinets are ideal for the proper storage and maintenance of gas cylinder tanks. Choose from among horizontal and vertical storage options. Material options include steel and aluminum, among others. Some of our gas cylinder options feature warning signs and powder coating in yellow.
  • Ink and paint storage: Keep your ink and paint cans stored securely and safely with storage cabinets from Cherry’s Industrial. Select from among red and yellow color schemes, and choose advanced features like specialty doors and shelving options that help you make the most of your organizational space.

Choose Cherry’s Industrial for Your Corrosive and Acid Storage Needs

We want to be your go-to source for effective and safe hazardous material storage. Whether you operate a warehouse, a transit facility, an assembly line or a similar work setting, we offer the cabinets and other equipment needed to enhance safety, productivity and efficiency. We’ve been doing business since 1983, and in that time we’ve placed our focus on delivering the best products and the best customer service in the material handling industry.

We know that you work in demanding, sometimes dangerous, environments, and you need equipment that can take a daily beating and keep on performing and protecting you from harm. You also need a customer service team that’s always there to help. We are passionate about connecting industrial operations with the equipment needed to create outstanding results. Trust the team at Cherry’s Industrial for your equipment needs.

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