Paint and Ink Storage

Paint and Ink Storage

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly With Our Paint and Ink Storage Options


Paint and ink are commonly on hand many different types of businesses, and these materials are often stored for long periods of time. When you have sensitive materials like paint and ink on your premises, you need assured storage you can depend on to ensure safekeeping.


Store your paint and ink cans securely and safely with our paint and ink storage cabinets. All of our paint storage cabinets meet OSHA regulations, NFPA Code 30 regulations and are FM approved. Available in red and yellow color options, our selection of paint cabinets come with many door and shelving options to maximize storage space.

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How Well Do You Know the OSHA Paint Storage Regulations?

Many industrial paints and inks contain flammable (easily set on fire) or combustible (able to catch fire and burn easily) materials that can pose a danger to workers. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has implemented a series of regulations regarding the safe use of paint storage cabinets in an industrial setting.

For example:

  • You may not keep more than 60 gallons of flammable or 120 gallons of combustible liquids in a single paint storage cabinet.
  • You may not store more than 25 gallons of flammable or combustible liquids in a room outside of approved paint storage cabinets.
  • You may not have more than three paint storage cabinets in a single area.
  • Quantities of paint or ink that exceed these limits must be kept in storage rooms that meet the requirements listed in the Standard Methods of Fire Test of Building Construction and Materials.

OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) also have strict guidelines regarding the safe design and construction of paint storage cabinets:

  • The cabinet's bottom, top and sides must be at least 18-gauge sheet iron.
  • The cabinet must have double-walled construction with at least 1-1/2" of airspace.
  • The joints must be riveted, welded or tightly sealed in an acceptable manner.
  • Cabinet doors must be raised at least two inches from the bottom to prevent spillage and equipped with a three-point latch.

The Difference

At, delivering industrial storage solutions is our specialty. You’ll find a huge selection of paint and ink storage cabinets, as well as other storage and organizational products. When you partner with

  • You have design options: You have unique needs at your business that demand unique solutions. That’s why you’ll find a wide range of door and shelving options, as well as paint and ink storage cabinets of different capacities. These possibilities mean you can craft a custom solution to meet your operation’s needs.
  • You don’t have to worry about code compliance: You won’t sweat compliance when you choose for paint and ink storage cabinets. All of our products are OSHA and NFPA Code 30 compliant, so you don’t have to be preoccupied with regulations.
  • You can trust that safety is our number one concern: There’s nothing more important than safety at your place of business. We curate a selection of only the best in storage solutions for sensitive materials like paint and ink. You can find other providers of paint and ink storage solutions, but you won’t find the same level of high-quality products that deliver the safe and dependable performance you need.

Use Our OSHA Paint Storage Products for a Wide Variety of Applications

We offer paint storage cabinets in a variety sizes, configurations and colors for all types of worksite environments. Typical applications include paint and ink storage for general industry, shipyards and construction, as well as any manufacturing operation that uses paint in the generation of its products. They can also benefit maintenance operations that use paint to keep a facility in good repair.

Our Paint Storage Cabinets Can Provide a Host of Benefits for Your Business

When you purchase a paint storage cabinet from, you get top-quality products from leading manufacturers. They also comply with the OSHA paint storage guidelines. They feature solid 18-gauge welded construction and include three-point, self-latching, non-sparking doors and adjustable zinc-plated leveling legs for added stability.

Besides ensuring OSHA and NFPA compliance, our paint storage cabinets will create a safer work environment. You will have the peace of mind of knowing you're doing everything possible to protect your employees. 30-Plus Years of Delivering the Best in Industrial Storage is the e-commerce component of Cherry's Industrial Equipment. Since we first opened for business more than 30 years ago, Cherry’s Industrial has focused on delivering the best in both products and customer service to industrial companies around the country. You have the best in storage, organization and similar equipment when you take advantage of our huge selection and our highly curated collection of quality products.

As a Cherry's Industrial/ customer, you will experience a level of service that our competitors cannot match. We've made our e-commerce site as easy to navigate as possible — you won't waste valuable time leafing through bloated, outdated catalogs. If you're not sure what you're looking for, we have trained product specialists on hand who can steer you in the right direction.

We also understand that small and medium-sized businesses must find ways to keep their expenses under control. With our competitive pricing structure, you will be able to get the equipment you need without taking a big bite out of your company's budget.

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