Environmental Cabinets

Store Sensitive Materials Effectively and Safely With Environmental Cabinets


When you work with sensitive materials, safe storage is of the utmost importance. You’re responsible for taking care of your materials and ensuring they are not compromised in any way. You’re also accountable for ensuring your employees have a safe place to spend their workday.


You also have an ultimate responsibility to the area in which your business is located — to make sure that the way your business is conducted is environmentally safe. At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we offer environmental cabinets that make safe storage simple and effective. When you work with highly sensitive materials, make sure you’re storing and caring for them the right way — choose to work with us.

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Get the Right Solutions for Proper Environmental Storage

We carry a variety of environmental storage cabinets with specific models to store drums and safety cans in vertical positions. Choose from manual, sliding or self-closing doors, as well as a number of shelving options to meet your exact needs. All of our environmental storage cabinets come in yellow and meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 regulations.

These cabinets help you get the job done while also:

  • Staying within compliance: We’ve curated a selection that anticipates the needs of industrial operations across America. We know you have a million things to worry about related to your enterprise, and while compliance is important, it shouldn’t be a daily priority. That’s why we’ve taken care of it for you. We provide a selection of environmental cabinets that offer storage to meet all regulations in your area.
  • Taking advantage of your many environmental storage options: No two industrial operations have the same exact needs, which is why we offer a huge selection of environmental cabinets and other storage products. We know that a one-size-fits-all solution might not do the trick, so we offer environmental cabinets of different capacities and with different options. The only places where you’ll find uniformity are in quality and compliance. Each of our environmental cabinets is designed and manufactured to offer peak performance, and each is fully compliant with regulations.
  • Providing safety to your employees and customers: When you choose to work with Cherry’s Industrial, you’re tapping into a huge selection of environmental cabinets and other storage solutions that offer dependable performance, safety for your business and its employees. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when you need environmental cabinets for your company — get the highest quality, best performance and safest options.

If You Need Environment Storage Solutions, You Need Cherry’s Industrial

Since 1983, Cherry’s Industrial has been delivering both high-quality storage solutions and outstanding customer service to companies operating in a range of different industries. When you need environmental cabinets and other storage solutions to deliver safe and effective performance day after day in rugged industrial environments, you want Cherry’s Industrial.

Get outstanding customer service and support that’s focused on your needs, while making sure you have the safest, most efficient work space possible. Explore our environmental cabinets above, or reach out to us at 877-350-2729. You can also get in touch online to learn more about how we can work together to meet your environmental storage needs.

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