Aisle Markings

Aisle Markings

Detail Your Warehouse Space the Easy Way With Safety Tape and Aisle Markings


Avoiding workplace injuries and maximizing the productivity of your team are key factors to remaining competitive in the warehousing and distribution industries. Help ensure safety by clearly marking specific areas of your manufacturing and warehousing facilities with economic and effective safety tape and aisle marking options.


When you’re searching for ways to organize your job site and keep workers and pedestrians out of harm’s way, Cherry’s Industrial Equipment offers the top quality products and services you require. Our aisle marking and hazard floor marking tape come in a wide range of designs and options to help you overcome the challenges that stand in your way. We even provide customized warehouse tape solutions designed to meet your specific requirements.


Shop our selection below, and read on for more information about the benefits of using warehouse safety tape. 

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Why Use Safety Tape Aisle Markings in Your Warehouse?

With Cherry’s Industrial safety tape, you can easily direct traffic in a loading bay and help pedestrians stay clear of potentially hazardous work areas. Our product line includes tape and sign options in adhesive right angles, T-shapes, footprints, dots and tape rolls. Several color options, as well as personalized themes, dimensions and designs, are also available.

Adhesive backing means you can apply our “peel and stick” floor tape in seconds, and the tape won’t leave messy residue when removed. Whether you are using them to identify locations, materials and equipment, relay precautions and important safety warnings or communicate job site best practices, these tapes provide many years of effective use.

Adhesive safety tape and aisle markings and signs are a superior option to traditional paint methods, offering:

  • Easy application that doesn’t involve long cure times, difficult cleanup and increased labor requirements
  • Simple stick-on process that’s far less disruptive to your workforce or facility
  • Flexibility to alter, adjust and enhance layout and design based on changing requirements

Cherry’s Industrial Offers Safety Tape Aisle Markings for Every Type of Industry

Safety tape allows all businesses with warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centers to differentiate the uses of specific areas, direct traffic and alert workers to dangers. Customizable floor markings apply on contact for a clean, professional look for your unique applications. Included in our selection, you’ll find:

  • Dot safety tape for designating the boundaries of workstations or for use as traffic signs and warnings
  • Solid and striped safety strips and tape available in a variety of color combinations including glow in the dark options
  • T and Angle markers for creating perimeters and denoting where specific equipment and tools are placed and stored
  • Footprint tape for establishing walkways and leading pedestrians safely through high-traffic industrial areas

We’re Your Trusted Source for Safety Tape and Warehouse Related Products

Don’t waste your time searching through endless catalogs or trying to find a live customer service representative from one of those big box stores.

Cherry’s Industrial has the safety products you need and will get them to you quickly, so you can get back to focusing on running your business. As a leading source of quality products for manufacturers and distributors, we have the expertise and experience to ensure you find a solution that solves 100% of your problem.

For more information on our complete line of floor markings and safety tapes, fill out our online form or give us a call at 877-350-2729. Our attentive product specialists will be happy to answer your questions and provide a free consultation and quote.

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