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Floor Safety Tape

Maximize Facility Safety With Aisle Markings, Floor Tapes and Signs


One of the biggest challenges for any business is finding cost-effective methods for working smarter and more efficiently. If you’re searching for a lucrative way to outfit your facility with marking, signs and visual prompts, floor tape has become the standard for enhancing safety and organization in the warehouse. Cherry’s Industrial Equipment is a leading source of top quality standard and custom floor markings, floor tape, shadow marks and grids. These products help make work areas safer by:


  •      •   Improving Identification: Brightly colored, easy to understand safety tape solutions help operators of all experience levels identify locations, materials and equipment with greater speed and accuracy.


  •      •   Increasing Alertness: Ensure the people in and around your facility are aware of hazards by providing safety warnings that deliver a clear visual message.


  •      •   Preventing Accidents: Relaying precautions in the appropriate places throughout a warehouse setting can help dramatically reduce incidents of accidents, injury and loss of productivity. 


  •      •   Delivering Information: Connect with your team and send messages that communicate proper work habits through signage, visual instructions and guidelines. 

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Our aisle marking and hazard floor marking tape comes in adhesive T-shapes, right angles, dots, footprints and tape rolls in a choice of colors.
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Custom Floor Safety Tape & Sign designed and engineered to your specifications.

Ensure Ease and Longevity of Use by Choosing Safety Tape

There are many points of value in utilizing safety tape throughout your factory, warehouse or industrial facility. Using these products avoids the challenges of traditional paint methods, including extended cure times, production downtime, messy cleanup and high labor cost. PVC floor safety products install quickly on a clean, dry floor with far less labor and better durability than paint.

We also carry many styles of "peel and stick" floor tape with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing designed for many years of use. These semi-permanent floor tapes are extremely simple to work with, and they will not leave a messy residue upon removal. Whether you need tapes for a shipping and loading bay, an industrial warehousing complex or a retail stock room, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Cherry's Industrial floor safety tape comes in a variety of colors and is available in designs such as dots, angles, Ts, footprints and others. The rolls of floor tape are available in many widths, sizes and color variations including glow in the dark features. Give OSHA another reason to smile when they see your warehouse.

Need custom floor safety tape? We can custom-design safety floor tape and signs specifically for your application.

Define Your Workspace With Safety Tape Aisle Markings

Looking for a more effective way to differentiate between open workspaces and/or identify hazardous areas within your manufacturing or warehousing facility? Want to avoid the time, expense and complexities of dealing with a painting contractor? Our hazard floor and aisle marking tapes come with a special rubber-based adhesive that applies on contact for a clean and professional display

The solutions we carry include adhesive right angles, T-shapes, footprints, tape rolls and dots in a variety of colors. Our Mighty Line Dot Series are perfect for directing traffic or designating workstations and come in diameters from 2" to 12". The Mighty Line Angle and T Series provide visual guides denoting job stations and where tools and equipment should be stored when not in use. Whether used for directing and promoting an orderly workflow or keeping pedestrians alert in high-traffic areas, we have what you’re looking for.

Let Us Design a Safety Solution Customized to Your Needs

When you can’t find a safety tape that’s 100% what you’re looking for, Cherry’s Industrial can provide custom floor safety tape and signs designed and engineered to your specifications. Our dedicated product specialists will guide you through the entire process to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the finished product.

When you partner with us on custom floor safety tape, you get the choice of:

  • Color, texture and graphic design
  • Thickness and product dimensions
  • Type of adhesive backings
  • Written messages and/or theme

Learn more about our custom services. Contact us today to get started with a complimentary product consultation!

Cherry’s Industrial Floor Tapes and Signs for a Safer, More Organized Facility

Since 1983, we’ve been dedicated to not only offering warehouse related products that increase productivity but also solve problems relating to job site safety. We break free from the cookie cutter solutions you’ll find with big box retailers by taking the extra time to learn about your challenges to know how to efficiently solve them.

Additional advantages of choosing Cherry’s Industrial for all your warehouse safety and organization needs include:

  • Competitive prices and proven reliable products
  • Ability to order small quantities or in bulk
  • Easy to navigate online shopping experience
  • Quick turnaround times and fast delivery
  • Experienced and professional service and support

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