Pneumatic Lift Tables

Pneumatic Lift Tables

Pneumatic Lift Tables


You can move loads of several hundred to loads exceeding 4,000 pounds with the right pneumatic lift table. Our lift tables allow you to load and move heavy loads, but what makes them particularly convenient is their ability to lift these loads for easier movement onto shelving, trucks and for stacking. Lift tables are stable, flat surfaces, which are perfect for moving boxes, containers, pallets and more. Some are designed to hold the operator as well.

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Why Choose a Pneumatic Lift Table?

As their name implies, pneumatic lift tables use a pneumatic air balloon system to raise or lower a load, in contrast to hydraulic tables, which use a lubricated system, and to purely mechanical lifts. The main benefit of using a pneumatic lift is that it doesn’t require a dedicated power source. Instead, an air compressor provides lifting ability. This makes them much more portable for outdoor use, or for transporting between workstations

Another benefit of a pneumatic lift table is that, unlike hydraulic systems, it does not contain any oils or fluids that can cause contamination. As a result, they are commonly found in clean rooms, food and beverage manufacturing facilities, and other environments where sanitary conditions are essential.

For assistance determining whether a pneumatic lift table is the right choice for your facility, contact Cherry’s Industrial Equipment to speak directly with one of our product specialists.

Want to Know More? Review Our Available Mechanical Lifts

Working with a variety of leading manufacturers, we carefully select our products to ensure a level of quality and value our customers can count on. Our staff carefully tests all our items to confirm they deliver on their promises.

Our current inventory of pneumatic lift tables includes:

  • The P3 mechanical pallet lift table: an easy to use pallet positioner that can lift loads up to 4500 lbs. to a height of 27 3/4". Use the P3 to keep pallets at a uniform height while loading and unloading materials.
  • AX series pneumatic lift tables: fully air-powered scissor lifts that handle light-to-medium loads between 1,000 lbs. and 4,000 lbs. AX series lift tables are available with platforms ranging from 36" x 48" to 60" x 48”, and lift capabilities of either 29" or 32".
  • AXS series heavy-duty lift tables: a higher performance version of the AX series that features four pneumatic balloons instead of two. Use AXS series lift tables to move loads up to 8000 lbs. without the use of an external power source.
  • AXR series heavy-duty turntable lift tables: which take the heavy-duty performance of the AXS series and add a fully rotational turntable top for improved access and less risk of injury. Both portable and fixed versions are available.
  • PPA powered PalletPal lift tables: a hybrid pneumatic/powered lift table that can handles loads up to 4000 lbs. with only 80 psi of compressed air. Combining the best of both worlds, PalletPal tables feature electric foot controls that allow for hands-free access, and a turntable top that reduces the number of steps involved in unloading a pallet.

The Cherry’s Industrial team can customize any of the above products. Whether you need a larger platform, greater lift capacity or anything else, we will work with you to find and engineer a precise solution.

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Pneumatic lift tables are just one of the many material-handling solutions we offer our customers. Browse our website to explore available products and learn more about your options. Place your order online or request a quote for a custom fabrication by contacting our office directly.

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