Mechanical Lift Tables

Mechanical Lift Tables

Mechanical Lift Tables Make Heavy Items Accessible


Our mechanical lift tables provide a range of lifting options to keep your employees productive while limiting back injuries. Our heavier duty mechanical lifting tables can hold up to 4500 pounds and adjust their height automatically as they are loaded and unloaded through a spring/shock absorbing system. Swiveling turntable tops give workers the ability to work around these heavy lift tables with ease.

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What Are the Benefits of a Mechanical Lift Table?

Mechanical lift tables make heavy items accessible during a variety of material handling processes. Use of a lift table greatly reduces the risk of on-the-job accidents, as well as long-term repetitive stress injuries. They also improve productivity by reducing the amount of steps required to move a heavy item.

Many of our mechanical lift tables are transportable for additional flexibility in busy operations. Compared to a forklift or other product, a lift table is more economical, easier to train staff on and faster to use. Mechanical left tables are also easier to clean and decontaminate, which is critical in facilities where maintaining sanitary conditions is essential.

Available Mechanical Lift Products

All of our products are carefully chosen based on extensive testing. You can shop with confidence knowing you are getting a mechanical lift table that will deliver on its promises and provide long-term durability and performance.

Our inventory of mechanical lift tables includes:

  • The TL LSJ03-13.5 lift tool: The TL LSJ03-13.5 is a compact lift table used for positioning objects weighing up to 300 lbs. To raise or lower the platform, a standard drill is inserted into a screw jack socket located on the table’s side. This convenient mechanism makes the TL LSJ03-13.5 an ideal choice for manufacturing applications as it avoids forcing employees to put down their tools to make a height adjustment. The unit features a 22" X 23" platform and a maximum raised height of 17 3/4".
  • The P3 pallet positioner: The P3 is a pallet positioner that automatically adjusts to maintain a constant height as weight is added or removed. As such, it is a smart choice for unloading boxes from pallets in warehouses and storage facilities. A heavy-duty rubber airbag provides the unit’s leveling capabilities, and is strong enough to handle loads up to 4500 lbs. Other notable features include a rotating turntable top and antifriction bearings. The P3 features a maximum raised height of 27 3/4" and up to 18 1/2" of vertical travel, making it easy to find the ideal position for any task.
  • The PalletPal 360: Like the P3, the PalletPal is a heavy-duty mechanical lift table with a rotating turntable top and a maximum load capacity of 4500 lbs. Instead of using an airbag, height is maintained by a pair of steel springs, which means less maintenance and allows the unit to be run without an air compressor. A heavy-duty steel frame provides long-term durability and performance, while a variety of available springs allows you to configure the unit to your specific application.

Any of the above mechanical lift tables can be customized by our team to better meet your needs. When an off-the-shelf solution will not serve, count on Cherry’s Industrial to provide the advanced engineering capabilities that help you perform any material-handling task seamlessly.

Visit individual product pages to learn more about your options, or contact a Cherry’s Industrial product specialist directly for assistance.

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