Electric Lift Tables

Electric Lift Tables

Electric Lift Tables Provide Precise Positioning


Maximize your productivity while minimizing strain with an electric lift table. The Elevation Station electric lift table and workbench can handle loads up to 300 lbs. Fully lowered, the table is 24" in height. Maximum vertical travel is 40", for a total height of 64".


The unit’s electric lifting platform uses a linear actuator, providing smooth performance without the need to worry about oiling or oil spills. The reversible top measures 25.5” by 49.5”, allowing plenty of workroom.

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Key Features of Our Electric Lift Tables

All our electric lift tables come with a range of exclusive features to ensure seamless performance and reliability. The Elevation Station is equipped with:

  • A hydraulic-free design that offers lower maintenance requirements
  • Powered up and down controls that make precise positioning fast
  • Dual low-voltage footswitches prewired at opposite sides of the unit’s base for convenience and productivity
  • A reversible plastic laminate top that offers a smooth surface on one side and a textured nonslip surface on the other
  • A scratch-resistant, Hammertone finish that is durable enough for use in demanding applications
  • A light overall weight that makes transporting the unit easy

Add to the Elevation Station’s versatility by swapping out its standard top for a stainless steel, UHMW, wood or other surface. A wide range of available options, including NEMA-rated electrical packages, maintained contact controls and an automatic levelling package, allow you to modify any electric lift table to meet your specific needs. Contact a Cherry’s Industrial representative for more information.

Ready to Go Right Out of the Box

The Elevation Station is shipped from our Manila, AR warehouse and can be delivered to you in 1-3 business days. The unit comes fully assembled and ready for use. Shop with confidence by choosing Material-handling.com — the exclusive e-commerce portal of Cherry’s Industrial.

Custom Electric Lift Tables

We can customize an electric lift table to suit your requirements. The Cherry’s Industrial team has years of experience solving our customers’ material handling challenges. Whether you require a machine that offers higher lift heights, a larger platform, improved sanitation or safety, we can help.

Follow the link above to request a quote for a custom electric lift table or other material handling solution.

Why Choose an Electric Lift Table?

Electric lift tables offer a number of benefits over hydraulic or pneumatic units. Compared to a hydraulic lift table, an electric table offers an oil-free design that is suitable for use in clean facilities. Even when sanitation is not a primary concern, electric lifts are generally easier to maintain as they require no lubrication and pose less of a risk of contamination.

Pneumatic lift tables, on the other hand, require the use of a separate air compressor to operate. If you do not already have a compressor installed in your facility, that is an additional expense you will need to factor in.

Electric lift tables are generally limited to light-duty applications. If you routinely have to move loads over 300 lbs., or need a table that can work continuously throughout the day, a hydraulic or pneumatic unit may be a better choice.

Choose Cherry’s Industrial Equipment for Quality You Can Count On

Are you looking for a material handling partner committed to quality? Cherry’s Industrial is dedicated to offering you only products that have been tested and proven to deliver reliable performance in any situation. The Elevation Station electric lift table can be counted on to meet your requirements and drive productivity in any light-duty lifting application.

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