Manual Tilters

Manual Tilters

For Tilting Pallet & Containers

Store and stack with ease when you use the Maxx-Mobile Tilt & Lift. This manual pallet tilter can tilt at a 90° angle for ergonomic access that protects your safety and your back. With the ability to lift up to 2,200 pounds, you can move and place almost anything with ease. Our container tilters give you plenty of space and leverage every time.

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Increase Productivity With Manual Pallet Tilters

Efficient material handling is the key to profitability in a variety of industries. Cherry’s Industrial Equipment manual pallet tilters provide a superior way to fill, empty and transport products and materials. The ergonomic tilting design eliminates wasted motions as well as stress on the body due to bending, reaching and stretching.

Pallet tilters with manual operation provide a cost-effective way to increase workflow by transporting boxes and crates on pallets more efficiently. Our forks are 22" W by 31 1/2" L and can be used with a variety of boxes, containers and open-bottom pallets. Cherry’s Industrial only carry quality-built products engineered and design to help your business overcome its material handling challenges. Additional manual tilter features include:

  • Fully Adjustable: Independent tilt-lift functions allow you to set the optimal degree of tilt and elevation. Simply move the selector level to choose the desired operation. The pumping handle control allows for precision placement of the pallet arms to improve access and increase workflow.
  • Maneuverability: A compact design and 11" vertical travel height make it possible to navigate tight pathways and accommodate your preferred placement of loads. The four-wheel rolling caster design increases job site mobility.
  • Safety Features: The handle rotation lock and rotation lock release foot pedal allows for safer repositioning. Breaks on rear swivel casters help secure the placement of the pallet tilter.
  • Stable Construction: Forks rest directly above the straddle legs in floor level position to provide impressive balance. Strong construction and high-quality components ensure lasting performance even with rigorous daily usage.

Manual Tilters From Cherry’s Industrial

We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering high-quality material handling and storage products capable of increasing productivity levels. In addition to portable manual container tilters, we also carry electric tilters, hydraulic tilters and pneumatic tilters in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Our highly experienced team will assist in analyzing your needs to identify solutions that make the most sense for your bottom line. When you choose a container tilter with manual controls or any other of our other warehousing and storage equipment, you benefit from:

  • A reliable company that’s been providing quality bulk containers and trusted storage solutions for over 20 years
  • Competitive prices and easy online ordering using our secure, well-organized website
  • Fast turnaround times on standard orders and low freight costs
  • Flexibility to request small quantities or place large bulk orders
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service and technical support

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Need a free quote? Having trouble placing your order? Give us a call at 877-350-2729 or reach out via our online form to speak with a live representative. Our material handling specialists are always just a call or click away.

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