Electric Tilters

Electric Container Tilters

Improve Ergonomics and Productivity With General Purpose Container Tilters


To keep pace in manufacturing and product assembly, it’s necessary to continually search for products and tools that help you work smarter, safer and faster. An electric container tilter is an indispensable asset in many industrial settings. Tilters solve the problem of accessing parts in hard-to-reach containers — which hinder operational efficiency — and allow employees and staff to safely pick and pull needed items.


Our selection of electric container tilters includes models capable of performing in a diverse range of applications and work environments. These easy-to-use, highly durable electric tilters reduce labor requirements by allowing employees to be more productive with far less incidents of accident or injury. The result is lower operating costs, less downtime and fewer legal expenses relating to workers compensation claims.


Shop Cherry’s Industrial Equipment’s selection of general-purpose electric container tilters, and read on for more information about the benefits of our product line. Not seeing exactly what you are looking for? Get in touch to speak to a product specialist about a customized solution

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The Real Value of Investing in a Quality Electric Container Tilter

One of our most versatile and useful products is the container tilter. These electric tilters are used for accessing parts in containers by an incredibly efficient and speedy process. Workers can perform tasks in less time while relieving persistent stress on the knees, back, shoulders, neck and joints caused by traditional alternatives.

Our container tilters come in a wide variety of sizes, from ~ 8" x 29" to 36" x 42", and with weight capacities from 300 lbs. to over 6,000 lbs. Whether you need a container tilter designed specifically for handling pallets or you have applications that involve tilting open-bottom boxes, we can help you find the most efficient and effective model.

Our complete inventory of mobile and stationary electric tilter includes:

  • AC powered tilters with up to 6,000 lbs. capacity and a 10 ½ -inch operator reach. These units are built to lift and position warehouse containers, pallets and open-bottom boxes as well as for transporting completed products between work stations.
  • Electric hydraulic container tilters designed for speed and maneuverability transport heavy boxes and crates on pallets up to 2,200 lbs. Units have a maximum tilt angle of 90 degrees and can be adjusted to the specific application.
  • Semi-electric fork-over and electric straddle container tilters available with 22" W by 31 ½" L to 27" W by 31 ½" L forks that make loading and unloading boxes and pallet crates easier by resting flat at floor level between the straddle legs. Units are capable of handling boxes, containers and open bottom pallets, and come with a 12-Volt DC motor battery and internal charger.

Cherry’s Industrial: The Trusted Source for Container Tilters

Are you searching for a reliable online industrial equipment provider that offers the right combination of quality products, expert service and competitive prices? Cherry’s Industrial is dedicated to making the process of finding the right equipment as quick, easy and affordable as possible. We know the value of the products we sell because we use them in our own facility and put them to the test to ensure the highest standards.

Give your team the tools for your manufacturing or product assembly operation to achieve its full potential. Establish a safer, cleaner and more orderly jobsite. Fill out our online form or get in touch on the phone at 877-350-2729 today to place an order for an electric container tilter — or request information about developing a custom solution.

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