The Best in Material Handling Equipment offers material handling equipment and products for any size business and all types of warehouses.  Increase efficiency with ergonomic products like lift tables, platforms and work positioners to reduce bending, reaching, re-stacking and lifting.  If you’re concerned about safety, crash guards, aisle marking tapes and floor signs reduce hazardous work conditions and eliminate employee exposure.  Finally get organized with reusable, collapsible containers, binspalletstotes and slip sheets that provide an economical alternative to wood or corrugated packaging.  



Experience You Can Trust

  • John Costello, President

    We’ve invested hours of our time to help you spend less of yours when it comes to finding quality material handling products on the Internet. Research a variety of material handling items and find product information fast. View case studies, glossary of terms, applications and get info using our video library.

    John Costello, President
  • Smith Smacher

    Product was exactly what was described and arrived on time in perfect condition. I will recommend buying from Cherry's to my counterparts in our other manufacting departments,

    Smith Smacher
  • Troy Herr - Engineer

    I would recommend Cherry's Pallet Exchanger to anyone looking for reliable equipment to enable them to change out their wooden pallets for plastic pallets or vice versa. The pallet exchanger has been in place in our facility for over a year. The operators in the area appreciate its simplicity and reliability.

    Troy Herr - Engineer
  • Jim - Delivery Driver

    I bought a Big Joe electric pallet truck in early June, this thing works great. I am so glad that I purchased this from Cherry's. Great service, great price I couldn't be happier.

    Jim - Delivery Driver
  • Doug Zinn

    We purchased 6 spring assist lift tables to reduce back injuries and simplify our product sorting process.  After using these tables, we have cut our back injury claims to zero and day to day back pain has been cut to a minimal.  The service, communication and price were the things that sold me on buying from Cherry's.  When I have future equipment needs of this nature, Cherry's will be the company I buy from.  

    Doug Zinn
  • Bill Tarcia

    Nick Papanicholas and Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has certainly been an asset to G.W. Anglin. Providing a high quality product on time was just the finishing point to a very professional and helpful process. From choosing the best possible product selection through end user satisfaction, Nick worked with our material handling group to satisfy all their packaging needs.

    Bill Tarcia


Best Sellers

  • EZ-1 Standard Pallet Truck

    EZ-1 Standard Pallet Truck

    Able to hold 5,500 lbs and measuring 48” L x 27" W, this manual pallet truck offers the flexibility of height adjustable between 2.9” and 7.2”. The EZ-1 features polyurethane wheels, three-position hand controls, heavy-duty hydraulics, a fingertip release handle and a pump designed never to leak.

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  • TJH5A Simplex Toe Jack

    TJH5A Simplex Toe Jack - 5 ton

    The TJH5A Toe Jack is especially useful since its compact design allows for lifting loads in more constrained spaces.

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  • RAVAS 310 Scale Manual Pallet Truck with Printer

    RAVAS 310 NTEP Scale Pallet Truck

    The RAVAS 310 Scale Manual Pallet Truck comes with a Printer and has a 5000 lb capacity and a set of forks measuring 27" X 47.5".

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  • 48" X 48" HDPE Structural Foam Molded Display Pallet

    48 x 48 POP Display

    The 48 x 48 POP Display is structural-foam molded HDPE that is ideal for retail use in end-cap and aisle displays. It offers nine positions for sign posts and is easy to keep clean. Dimensions: 48” W x 48” L x 5.5” H. Please call for price and availability.

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    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price $59.00

  • Mark TL4 Roller Skid

    Mark TL4 Roller Skid

    The 20,000 lb capacity Mark TL4 series roller skids are equipped with steel roller chains and a turning lock to ensure loads are safely maintained during transport. Overall Dimensions: 10½" L x 5" W x 4 5/8" H. Made in the USA.

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    Regular Price: $389.00

    Special Price $329.00

  • Mark TL5 MultiRoll Roller Skid Kit

    Mark TL5 Roller Skid Kit

    The Mark TL5 Roller Skid kit includes one (1) compact storage case, four (4) American made Mark TL5 roller skids, two (2) Tandem Connectors to join together the skids for increased capacity, and one (1) T-Bar handle. Made in America. Please note: Load capacity ratings are based on the transportation of loads over level surfaces.

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    Regular Price: $1,949.00

    Special Price $1,549.00

  • WD-A-4246S-3-2504-4.6 Step Wire Decking

    WD-A-4246S-3-2504-4.6 Step Wire Decking

    42” x 46” Step Style Wire Decking capable of handling loads up to 2,500 lbs. Features 3 channels and 6 gauge.

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  • WD-4246F-3-2504-4.6 Flared Wire Deck

    WD-4246F-3-2504-4.6 Flared Wire Deck

    42” x 46” Flared Wire Decking capable of handling loads up to 2,500 lbs. Features 3 channels and 6 gauge.

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  • 48” x 40” x 31" Solid Grey Long Side Bin Container

    MACX-GR-LSR Grey Long Side Bin

    The 48” x 40” x 31" Solid Gray Long Side Bulk Bin Container is capable of handling loads up to 1,500 lbs or 190 gallons. Inside dimensions are 45”L x 36.75”W x 25.75”H. Features: High-density polyethylene structural foam, easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, and meets USDA /HACCP approved material.

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  • W-5-404836 Large Wire Mesh Container

    W-5-404836 Large Wire Mesh Container

    The 40” x 48” x 36” Collapsible Wire Mesh Container capable of handling loads up to 4,000 lbs. Features 2” x 2” tight mesh pattern and half drop down gate.

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  • MD Egg Crate Freezer Spacer

    MD Egg Crate Freezer Spacer

    The PEFS-MD is a medium-duty 40" x 48" Egg Crate Design Plastic Freezer Spacer weighing 4.5 lbs.capable of handling loads up 1,800 lbs. 100% recyclable. Polyethylene Material.

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  • PalletPal 360 Spring Table Lift

    PalletPal 360 Spring Table Lift

    The PalletPal 360 is a steel framed, spring-based lift table with rotating turntable. Its load capacity can be as high as 4500 lbs.

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    Regular Price: $2,149.00

    Special Price $1,849.00

  • Portable Hydraulic Container Tilter

    PTU-2 Container Tilter

    The 2,000 lb capacity portable fork-over container tilter has an overall dimension of 34" W x 51" L X 31" H. Features include: 85° tilt and 3 ½” low height.

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  • CPP336ACM Plastic Stackable Export Pallet

    CPP336ACM Plastic Stackable Export Pallet

    The CPP336ACM Plastic Stackable Export Pallet sports racking capacity of 2,000 lbs in an industrial-size, nine-leg body that complies with ISPM 15 regulations. It requires no costly sirex treatment and features four-way entry and easy cleanup. It stacks strong and measures 40” W x 48” L x 5.9” H.

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