Produce Pallets

Produce Pallets

Produce Pallets Promote Hygiene in Food Storage and Transport


With the intense focus placed on safe food handling practices these days, it is important to use material handling equipment that promotes hygiene.


Numerous produce growers, wholesale food distributors and grocery store chains are making the transition to plastic pallets when transporting and storing fruits and vegetables. Many plastic pallets feature a non-porous design that prevents contaminants from embedding into the surface. They’re also easy to wash and sanitize for reuse.

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Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Offers Hygienic Plastic Pallets for Fruits and Vegetables

Cherry's Industrial is a leading supplier of sturdy, well-constructed pallets for fruits and vegetables. Our pallets offer a durable, transportable, reusable and economical produce handling solution. They’re made from recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP) material that is perfect for the high-volume material handling applications in grocery and other food-related industries. FDA-approved produce pallet options are available to help you comply with regulatory requirements.

Our produce pallets are also nestable, meaning they’re designed to fit one inside another. This represents a major space-saving benefit in a food or grocery warehouse, as you can fit more empty pallets in less space.

Our produce pallet options include:

  • TRN2: The TRN2 is a solid body 40” x 48” nestable plastic pallet with an impressive static weight capacity of 30,000 lbs. Designed for fast, easy cleaning, this reusable produce pallet is available in FDA-approved materials, ensuring safe use in food handling environments. The pallet’s surface features a diamond pattern for enhanced gripping capabilities and increased security during produce transport. The heavy-duty pallet frame makes this an extremely durable material handling solution.
  • TRN3: Another top-quality nestable produce pallet option, the TRN3 features a high 3:1 nesting ratio for maximum storage capacity.The 40” x 48” TRN3 is also washable and dries quickly — you can reuse it without a lengthy delay. This heavy-duty plastic pallet benefits from a structural foam-molded construction process for enhanced durability in even the most demanding material handling environments.

Ask About Our Custom Produce Pallet Solutions

If you need a customized produce pallet solution for an unusual application, Cherry’s Industrial can meet your requirements. Our product specialists can customize our plastic pallets to your exact specifications. We’ll take the time to gain an understanding of your material handling operation and work processes, then design, engineer and manufacture a functional product that will exceed your quality and performance expectations.

Put Our More Than 30 Years of Experience to Work for Your Business

Since 1983, Cherry’s Industrial has been providing the right material handling equipment solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses at the right price. Whether your goal is to increase productivity, improve sanitation and hygiene or reduce your operating costs, we’ll provide a product that solves 100 percent of your problem. We’ve used the products we sell in our own facilities — you can purchase from us with total confidence.

Check Out Our Produce Pallet Inventory

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