Drum Pallets

Drum Pallets

Drum Pallets Ensure Safety and Security for Dangerous Materials


If your company manufactures or stores hazardous or toxic chemicals or materials, then you understand the importance of safe material handling practices. Plastic storage and spill containment pallets keep 55-gallon drums containing chemicals or other potentially dangerous materials safe and secure during transport and storage.


The use of drum pallets will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re doing everything possible to protect your workers and customers and comply with today’s health and safety regulations.

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Choose Plastic Storage and Spill Containment Pallets From Cherry’s Industrial Equipment

Transport and store 55-gallon drums securely with specially designed plastic drum pallets and spill containment pallets from Cherry’s Industrial. Our containment drums are molded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic that resists bacteria, solvents and acids. They also manage small spills better than smooth surface pallets.

Each drum pallet features recessed rings on the top deck to hold drums securely during transport and storage. Available footprints include 40" x 48" to hold three drums and 48” by 48” to hold four drums.

Utilizing Drum Pallets in Your Warehousing Operation Increases Safety and Organization

Our range of drum pallets are designed to be:

  • Hygienic: Drum pallets provide a hygienic material handling solution that is essential for industries such as chemical manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.
  • Easy to clean: The pallet design includes a flow-through deck that helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris for faster, easier cleaning.
  • Compliant: Pallets are available in FDA-compliant and USDA-approved materials, allowing your company to meet applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Accessible: Drum pallets feature tapered slots to permit easy two-way pallet jack or four-way forklift entry for simplified loading, unloading and transport.
  • Stable: Integrated rings on the pallet’s underside provide additional load security and enable safe double stacking, resulting in increased load capacity.
  • Long-lasting: Our plastic pallets are more durable than traditional wood pallets — the longer lifecycle will reduce your long-term material handling equipment costs and maximize your ROI.
  • Safe: In addition to reducing your workers’ risk of exposure to hazardous materials, our drum pallets are free of nails or splinters that could cause injury during handling or stacking.

Drum Pallet Customization Services Provide a Tailored Solution to Your Challenges

At Cherry’s Industrial, we understand that some applications require a specialized solution. We can customize our plastic pallets to accommodate those unique material handling situations. Our experienced product specialists can work with you to create the ideal plastic pallet design for your needs and budget. We also offer full-scale production services to bring your design concept to life — even if you only need one pallet.

Cherry’s Industrial: We’ve Been Solving Problems Since 1983

When you choose Cherry’s Industrial as your drum pallet supplier, you get an experienced material handling equipment company that focuses on finding solutions to difficult problems. We’ll take the time to learn about your work processes to determine how our products can help you overcome any obstacles preventing you from reaching your specific objectives.

Our customer-centric business approach provides a welcome departure from those suppliers that are happy to sell you a product, but often fall short when it comes to service.

Contact Us to Learn More About Your Drum Pallet Options

Take a few minutes to explore our current drum pallet offerings. If you need additional assistance or require pallet customization, just give us a call at 877-350-2729. You can also fill out and submit our online contact form and we’ll reach out with a prompt response.

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