Structural Cast

Structural Cast

Structural Cast Guards Offer Three-Sided Protection for Your Pallet Racks


Structural cast guards offer three-sided protection for the base of any pallet rack. Use them on their own as a cost-effective way to prevent damage to one of the most vulnerable parts of a warehouse racking system, or in combination with other guards to deliver comprehensive protection.


Like all Cherry’s Industrial Equipment products, our structural cast guards have been tested and confirmed to meet our standards for quality and performance. Browse our inventory below or contact an industry-leading product specialist for assistance putting together a complete turnkey rack protection system.

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C-Shaped Design Acts as a Protective Sleeve for Your Products

Our structural rack guards feature a C-shaped design that effectively acts as a protective sleeve around the outer edges of your pallet rack’s base. They are made of solid cast steel, offering heavy-duty impact resistance, and finished in a yellow powder coating that is highly visible and resistant to corrosion.

Installation of our structural rack guards is easy. All models are equipped with a set of four mounting holes for direct attachment to your warehouse floor. Use your own hardware or purchase a set of anchor bolts separately when you place your order. When properly installed, our structural rack guards will deliver reliable protection against direct impacts from a pallet truck, forklift or cart.

Several Dimensions Available to Meet Your Specific Needs

We sell several versions of our structural guards for use with a variety of racking systems. The standard product features an 8 1/16" by 6" base and is available in 12”, 18” and 24” heights. Guards are also available with an optional rubber bumper for additional protection — an excellent upgrade in facilities where direct impacts from moving equipment are common.

Use of a bumper will protect the guard itself against damage, extending its service life and saving you money.

Structural Cast Guards Provide Advanced Protection for Busy Warehouses

In a high-volume warehouse, accidents are bound to happen. Bases and corners are some of the most commonly damaged rack components, particularly in facilities with narrow aisles or tight turns. Damage to these areas can cost you money through lost inventory, cost you time through lost productivity and cost you productive labor hours if a serious accident occurs.

Investing in additional protection makes smart business sense. We only stock products we trust, so you know you’re getting the best value for your money when you shop with Cherry’s Industrial.

Custom Solutions for Unique Facilities at Cherry’s Industrial

Since 1983, Cherry’s Industrial has been helping warehouses and facilities like yours make safety a priority. We do this through our carefully curated selection of products and our unique ability to work with clients and develop customized solutions. Like all our safety products, any of our structural rack guards can be modified to better suit your facility’s needs.

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