Low Profile Tubular

Low Profile Tubular

Low Profile Tubular Rack Guards Provide Collision Protection for Your Products


Low profile tubular rack guards provide much-needed collision protection for pallet racking and any other important warehouse equipment in your facility. To accommodate a wide range of clients, our products come in varying heights, lengths and diameters. All offer heavy-duty performance you can rely on at a price that’s right for your budget.


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Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Offers Tubular Rack Guards in 2” and 4” Options

We offer three small diameter tubular rack guards:

  • LPRO-36-9-2: The LPRO-36-9-2 measures 36” by 9” and weighs 22 lbs.
  • LPRO-36-16-2: The LPRO-36-16-2 is the taller version of LPRO-36-9-2, measuring 36” by 16”, with a weight of 28 lbs.
  • LPRO-48-9-2: The LPRO-48-9-2 measures 48” by 9”H and weighs 26 lbs.

All our smaller tubular guards mount to the floor or to your shelving using a pair of brackets measuring 4” by 4”. (Mounting hardware not included.)

Our wide 4” tubular rack guards offer additional protection against impacts. In any facility where unguided equipment has the potential to directly affect pallet racking, a thicker guard offers better protection against accidents and product loss. Four models are available:

  • LPRO-36-9-4: The LPRO-36-9-4 measures 36” by 9” and has a weight of 48 lbs.
  • LPRO-36-16-4: The LPRO-36-16-4 measures 36” by 16” and has a weight of 64 lbs.
  • LPRO-48-9-4: The LPRO-48-9-4 measures 48” by 9” and has a weight of 60 lbs.
  • LPRO-48-16-4: The LPRO-48-16-4, our largest tubular racking product, measures 48” by 16” and weighs 73 lbs.

Mounting brackets on all our larger tubular guards measure 8” by 8”. Detailed specifications and shipping information are available on individual product pages.

Why Choose a Tubular Rack Guard?

All tubular rack protectors share a number of advanced features designed to improve safety while ensuring convenience. These include:

  • All-steel construction: All tubular rack protectors are forged from structural steel that meets or exceeds ASTM A-36 guidelines.
  • Powder-coated finish: Tubular rack protectors are finished in bright yellow using a powder-coating process that provides long term corrosion resistance. Black safety tape markings offer additional visibility.
  • Low profile: Smaller mounting brackets ensure our tubular guards won’t take up valuable aisle or storage space. Because they are raised off the ground, our tubular products simplify cleanup and make it easier for order pickers to access items stored at the back of the rack.
  • Fast installation: Our tubular protectors bolt directly to any concrete floor or rack shelving, and can be installed with a minimal amount of downtime.

Use our tubular racking products in any indoor warehouse or storage facility. When properly installed, they can be counted on to make your workplace safer and more productive. This reduces liability and the risk of product loss without impeding workflow.

Customization and Consulting Available at Cherry’s Industrial

Low profile tubular racks are just one of the many safety solutions available from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment. Let us help you put together a complete system that’s been tailored to meet the needs of your operation. If an off-the-shelf system is not sufficient, we can modify or customize any product.

For details or to request a quote, use our online form to get in touch with a representative, or call us at 877-350-2729 to speak with a product specialist directly.

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