Low Profile Inside Laser Cut

Low Profile Inside Laser Cut

Low Profile Inside Laser Cut Rack Protectors Offer Effective Protection


The NPG series of low profile rack protectors offers an economical way to secure the base of your pallet racking from impacts caused by electrically powered equipment. Easy-to-install, our rack protectors are available in heights ranging from 12" to 36" and can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

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Why Choose a Low Profile Inside Laser Cut Rack Protector?


The corners of your pallet racking are the most vulnerable to damage from forklift impacts. They are also the most difficult to repair. On their own or in addition to other protective equipment, our laser cut rack protectors are one of the best ways to avoid an accident at this critical point.


Our products are carefully chosen to offer a number of benefits over other rack protectors, including:


  •      •   Lower profiles: True to their name, our low profile rack protectors offer security without monopolizing aisle or storage space. Their unique design hugs the corners of your racking, with a base that measures only 8” by 3” (NPG4 models) or 10” by 3” (NPG6 models) when installed on the outside of your racking. That means more room for forklifts and other equipment to pass through, and lower probabilities of accidents. When installed on the inside of your racking, our products offer protection against damage caused by pallets and boxes, without taking up additional storage space.


  •      •   Improved durability: Our low profile rack protectors are made from high-quality steel tough enough to withstand a direct impact from a pallet truck, forklift or moving cart. Use them in any facility, including refrigerated warehouses. A powder-coated finish makes our products highly resistant to chemicals, moisture, exposure to the elements and other harsh conditions.  


  •      •   Tighter tolerances: All components of our corner rack protectors are laser cut for accuracy. As a result, all products offer a dimension tolerance of plus or minus a quarter inch. Tighter tolerances ensure a better fit in your rack space. They also mean that most barriers can be installed without any modifications, saving time and reducing debris clean up.


  •      •   Faster installation: Low profile rack protectors can be installed in half the time of competing products. This keeps downtime to a minimum and reduces labor requirements to improve pallet rack safety. Guards attach directly to the floor using a pair of concrete anchor bolt hardware, sold separately.


We only use trusted products to deliver the performance our customers expect. Place your order online today — most will be fulfilled within 1-3 business days from one of our convenient domestic facilities.


Cherry’s Industrial Equipment — Your Partner in Safety Since 1983


Cherry’s Industrial has built a legacy of matching demanding clients with material handling equipment and safety solutions that offer peace of mind, performance and productivity. Our low profile rack protectors are just one of many safety solutions we provide. We are highly selective in the items we sell, so you can shop online with confidence.


Best of all, we offer extensive customization capabilities and we’re happy to work with you to design the best racking safety solution for your needs. Get in touch using our online form to request a quote today or call at 877-350-2729 to speak with a material handling specialist directly.

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