Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

Heavy-Duty Rack Protectors Ensure the Greatest Stability for Your Pallet Racking


In a busy warehouse, a forklift collision with your racking is not a matter of “if” — but “when.” An investment in heavy-duty protection is one of the best ways to ensure the stability of your pallet racking. Cherry’s Industrial Equipment carries carefully chosen products that stand the test of time in any operation. Our products keep forklift blades from damaging the base of your shelving and reduce the risk of accidents and product loss.


Let our heavy-duty rack protectors guard your investment. Shop our current inventory of heavy-duty rack protection solutions below, or contact a product specialist for assistance. 

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Heavy-Duty Rack Protectors are Strong, Bright and Flexible

Our heavy-duty rack protectors are available in different sizes and configurations to fit seamlessly into any warehouse facility. All products adhere to high standards of quality to ensure performance in real-world conditions. Key features include:

  • Heavy-duty, 3/8” thick steel construction for maximum protection against impacts
  • A powder-coated, bright yellow finish that is visible in low light conditions and resistant to corrosion
  • Flexible installation options, with single left, single right and double ended configurations available
  • Long versions available in 42”, 48” and 62”. Visit individual product pages for detailed specifications.

Heavy-Duty Rack Protectors Increase Stability For Your Team and Products

Heavy-duty rack protection is an investment that will deliver long-term returns for your facility. Our products can withstand impacts from forklifts and other machinery, protecting your rack space and your inventory. When the risk of an accident is reduced, your business will enjoy:

  • Less product loss: Product loss due to on-the-job accidents is an easily avoidable expense that too many operations write off as the cost of doing business. Heavy-duty rack protection ensures that minor forklift accidents don’t lead to expensive consequences.
  • Improved productivity: A forklift accident can easily grind productivity to a halt, especially if injuries are involved. Rack protection is your first line of defense against an accident and a vital part of keeping your operation moving at full speed even during your busiest periods.
  • Lower liability: Companies that invest in appropriate protective measures are more likely to retain a good safety record. This precaution, in turn, can lead to less risk and even potentially lower insurance bills. Build a culture of safety from the ground up with heavy-duty rack protection from Cherry’s Industrial.

Depend on Quality Products You Can Trust in Your Warehouse

Heavy-duty protection against warehouse accidents isn’t an optional upgrade at Cherry’s Industrial Equipment. We understand that busy facilities demand solutions that work, which is why we offer a carefully chosen selection of the best products on the market today. Unlike larger equipment suppliers, we don’t pad out our inventory with cheap products that don’t meet our clients’ needs.

All our heavy-duty rack protection equipment is engineered to withstand direct impacts from guided and unguided vehicles, ensuring safety you can count on. The added investment of a heavy-duty product is well worth it.

Cherry’s Industrial Is Your Partner for Custom Rack Protection Solutions

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our online inventory? Cherry’s Industrial has extensive customization capabilities. We can cut a heavy-duty rack protector to any nonstandard size, or fabricate a new system that’s tailored to your needs.

Use our online form to get in touch and request a quote today, or call directly at 877-350-2729 to speak with a material handling specialist.

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