Manual Pallet Stackers

Manual Pallet Stackers

Use Manual Pallet Stackers to Ease Your Team’s Load


Manual pallet stackers fulfill an important need for many warehouses and similar operations. When you need support in moving pallets and heavy items, these stackers go to work for you. They make lifting easy through winch or hydraulic lifting processes that give the operator complete control over the load. And they fit nicely into tight spaces where forklift trucks and other lifting vehicles can’t go.


Manual pallet stackers give you complete control over the lifting process with winch or hydraulic lifting capacities that are capable of handling a range of loads. Designed to slide under pallets or other flat objects, these pallet stackers give you the ability to lift and position light to heavy loads and transport them over flat surfaces.

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Why Choose Manual Pallet Stackers From Cherry’s Industrial Equipment?

They get the job done in similar fashion to forklift trucks, but at a fraction of the cost. When you trust Cherry’s Industrial for your manual pallet stackers, you can count on:

  • Workplace safety: Lifting heavy objects can be a serious drain on your workers, and can mean more on-the-job injuries. When you choose manual pallet stackers, you gain access to tools that reduce the physical demands on workers. They enjoy a safer environment where the manual pallet stacker’s winch or hydraulic lifting process does all the hard work. Your employees remain safe and healthy, and the increased control offered by manual pallet stackers means the products you’re lifting remain in prime condition.
  • A wide selection to choose from: At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we understand you have varying pallet lifting needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of manual pallet stackers. You’ll find different lifting processes and capabilities, as well as a range of price points that allows you to find the manual pallet stacker that meets your needs.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency: Your business thrives on steady workflow that leads to results. Manual pallet stackers bring order to a busy warehouse environment, helping to increase both productivity and efficiency. They make a perfect fit when there’s limited space for equipment to maneuver, as well as when there’s also heavy lifting to be done.
  • Dependable, agile equipment: Manual pallet stackers deliver the heavy-lifting performance that many industrial operations need, but these products are highly maneuverable and fully capable of slipping into tight spots to secure and control loads. Make sure your business is as efficient as it can be when you choose manual pallet stackers.

Our Commitment to You

At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we are committed to offering the best in products and customer service. Our selection of manual pallet stackers meets the highest standards for quality, meaning you enjoy long-term value for your investment.

You’ll also discover that our product specialists and other customer support professionals can answer questions and provide helpful guidance as you consider your options. When you choose Cherry’s Industrial, you can count on dependable products provided by a team of people invested in the success of your enterprise.

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