Pallet Stackers

Industrial Pallet Stackers

Choose from our selection of manual, semi-electric, and fully electric pallet stackers and lift platforms.

Industrial pallet stackers and straddle trucks are a great alternative to fork lift trucks if space in your warehouse is limited and affordability is a concern. Our pallet stackers help lift, move and stack heavy palletized goods. Built to withstand warehouse conditions and daily use. We offer industrial pallet stackers with fork over design for open bottom pallets or skids and straddle designs for closed bottom pallets and skids. Lift platform heights range from 54" to 120" and weight capacities range from 500 lbs to 3,300 lbs.

Manual pallet stackers give you complete control over the lifting process with winch or hydraulic lifting capacities that are capable of handling a range of loads. Designed to slide under pallets or other flat objects, these pallet stackers give you the ability to lift and position light to heavy loads and transport them over flat surfaces.

Pallet stackers and platforms take your heavy lifting capabilities one step further, giving you increased control over the lifting and lowering speed of your loads. Our electric pallet stackers and positioners increase the efficiency of continuous lifting and stacking for a variety of applications.

With a full-powered electric stacker, lifting and stacking heavy loads becomes a lot easier. These lifts allow you to take loads from the ground to significant heights quickly and under precise control. A platform lift can be relatively quiet, and most can move and position substantial loads over flat surfaces with ease.