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Pallet Stackers Ease the Difficulty of Lifting Heavy Loads in Tight Spaces


Not every warehouse is built with aisles big enough to accommodate large fork lift trucks. Some aisles are so narrow it’s difficult to even walk through them — let alone find space to maneuver heavy pallets and loads.


If this describes your warehousing situation, Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has you covered. Our broad range of manual, semi-electric and fully electric pallet stackers and straddle stackers are sure to meet whatever demanding storage space issues you may be facing right now.


If space in your warehouse is limited and affordability is a concern, our industrial pallet stackers and straddle trucks are a great alternative. Pallet stackers allow you to perform many of the same functions as a forklift but without the excessive space needed to maneuver and store product. Additionally, the cost and maintenance is a fraction of what you would spend on a forklift.

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Manual pallet stackers offer a low cost alternative to lifting, loading and unloading heavy product by hand.
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Semi-Electric stackers provide the lifting power to make unloading and loading products simple and easy.
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Our Fully Electric Stackers are the best ergonomic solution to lifting, loading, and unloading product in the smaller areas of your warehouse.

Why Choose Cherry’s Industrial Pallet Stackers for Your Tight-Space Lifting Needs?

Our pallet stackers help lift, move and stack heavy palletized goods while being built to more than handle the wear and tear demands of the warehouse facility. We offer industrial pallet stackers with a fork-over design for open bottom pallets, or skids and straddle designs for closed-bottom pallets and skids. Lift platform heights range from 54" to 120" and weight capacities range from 500 lbs. to 3,300 lbs.

One of the most important aspects of our pallet stackers is that they help prevent your workers from doing the heavy lifting all on their own. With the aid of a Cherry’s Industrial pallet stacker, your operation can enjoy better overall safety while also increasing total productivity.

Choose from our broad selection of pallet stackers for your warehouse, including:

  • Manual Pallet Stackers: Manual pallet stackers offer an alternative to loading, unloading and lifting heavy product by hand. These well-crafted products deliver a sturdy but simplified lifting process that takes advantage of either winch or hydraulic functions. You can lift and transport over flat surfaces with ease, resulting in a safer environment for your employees and an increased rate of productivity.
  • Semi-Electric Pallet Stackers: Semi-Electric stackers provide the lifting power to make unloading and loading products simple and easy. They give you even greater control over the lifting process by offering the ability to change lifting speeds with ease. When you choose semi-electric pallet stackers, you enjoy efficient lifting that leads to better workflow in industrial and warehouse environments.
  • Full-Power Pallet Stackers: When you want something lifted, transported and unloaded fast and safely in a small space, you want our fully electric pallet stackers. These full-power electric stackers offer precise control over lifting, including raising significant loads from the ground to high places at various speeds. Our fully electric pallet stackers transport loads easily over flat surfaces while remaining quiet.

Cherry's Industrial: Your Supplier for Innovative Warehouse Lifting Solutions

The work your team performs at your warehouses or other industrial operation demands high-quality equipment. At Cherry’s Industrial, we provide the pallet stackers and other equipment needed to create high-functioning warehouses and similar workspaces. We offer a wide range of pallet stackers, bins, crates, storage cabinets and other products that help you see your vision for workflow and efficiency become a reality.

Our experience includes 30-plus years of serving companies that operate in a wide variety of industries. We work with many businesses, including:

  • Warehouse and storage companies
  • Food and drug companies
  • Manufacturers
  • IT providers

To best serve you, we focus on delivering a prime selection of pallet stackers, because we know each equipment investment you make requires a return on investment. We help you create value for your business by offering quality and durable equipment that gets the job done day after day, even in the most demanding of industrial and warehouse environments.

Our dedicated team of product specialists is always available to answer questions or provide expert guidance as you search for the perfect pallet stackers to fit your needs.

Are you ready to take your warehousing to the next level of efficiency? Give us a call at 877-350-2729 or fill out our easy online contact form to get started.

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