Step Beams

Step Beams

Rack Your Pallets Securely With Cherry's Industrial Equipment Step Beams


Safe storage of heavy pallets isn’t something you should take a risk on. Your pallet racking system is only as strong as its individual components, and our pallet rack step beams are designed with this fact in mind. They attach securely to a tear drop rack setup, locking into each beam as an added precaution.


Each of our pallet racking solutions is engineered to bear a specific amount of weight and load dimensions, with variations to fit most industrial applications. If it’s valuable to you, and you need to store it, you need Cherry’s Industrial Equipment. 

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Utilize Our Step Beams to Build Reliable Pallet Racking Systems You Can Trust

We’ve taken care to offer only step beams from manufacturers we know and trust. Many of our products have been tested in real-world conditions by our in-house engineers, and are confirmed to offer exceptional durability.

Our step beams are available in a range of sizes and configurations. Common features include:

  • Roll-formed steel construction with a continuous seam weld located on the base for exceptional stability and strength
  • Integrated safety locking pins located on both ends to hold beams securely in place
  • Lifting capacities between 4,046 lbs. and 9,370 lbs.
  • A powder-coated, baked-on orange finish that provides both corrosion resistance and visibility
  • American-made quality that can be counted on for years of heavy, industrial use

Our step beams are an integral part of pallet racking systems in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, big-box retail stores and more.

Step Beams Keep Your Employees Safe and Productive

A step beam is just one component of a complete pallet racking solution, but it’s one that must be counted on to bear the bulk of your inventory’s weight. With this quality product working in sync with other components in your system, you can:

  • Improve efficiency: When order picking is safer and easier, you can run a more streamlined operation that keeps your customers and stakeholders happy.
  • Stay safe: Quality racking reduces the risk of on-the-job accidents and employee injuries that cause unnecessary downtime and cost you money through increased insurance premiums.
  • Grow responsibly: As your business expands, your storage needs to grow with it. A safe racking system makes better use of your existing space and is an alternative to renting additional warehousing facilities or a costly relocation process.

Reliable Step Beams Offer Security for Your Workers and Products

When you purchase a step beam from Cherry’s Industrial, you’re purchasing a trusted, vital part of a complete pallet racking system. Our step beams are designed to work seamlessly with our upright frames, support bars and other system components.

We know what it’s like to be a warehouse manager — that’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out material handling and storage by only offering reliable products. Order a step beam or other part online and get the confidence of knowing your purchase will be compatible with the rest of your racking system.

Customize Your Step Beam Solution From Cherry’s Industrial Equipment

Cherry’s Industrial is unique in its ability to provide custom material handling solutions for any customer with special needs. Although our off-the-shelf products offer a great degree of modular flexibility, there will always be applications where additional customization is required to maintain productivity.

Many of our products can be customized or modified to meet your requirements. Let our team work with you to determine your needs and put together a personalized racking system.

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